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Hunan Chamber of Commerce come to visit The One Studio

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More than 20 people from Hunan Provincial Chamber of Commerce Performing Arts Equipment Committee came to visit The One Studio.


After all people reach The One Studio, then began to visit the factory.


the one studio 1

First is visiting the production workshop, when walked in to the productiong workshop, the first they can see is the testing line, after checked our products, the Chamber of Commerce member sigh that the products of The One Studio so good.


the one studio 2

Then they go ahead to the producing line, to check the progress of our producing and the material for our products. After check the raw material and talk with the engineer, they knowed that good product must use good quality raw material and with good program. So why The One Studio so well-known in lighting industry.


the one studio 3

After visiting the production workshop, then went into the showroom, as we know, The One Studio is main in producing Led Studio Light, such as Led Profile Spotlight, Led Fresnel Spotlight, Led Soft Light Led Blinder Light, COB Studio Par Light and so on. The showroon just as the studio room, with high brightness and high CRI, tints can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones, so they look great in person and on camera. 


the one studio 4

The Chamber of Commerce member have a group photo to commemorate that they have gone to visiting The One Studio.


the one studio 5

After visiting The One Studio, they had a meeting, the manager of The One Studio introduced the develpment history for Chamber of Commerce member, let them know why The One Studio have so big development in a short time. Sure, after visiting The One Studio, Chamber of Commerce member said if a company want to develop well, it must research and develop their own products, and must ensure the quality of the product, and have good manager and good service team.


Finally, the Chamber of Commerce give highly praised and appreciated to The One Studio and The One Studio is the target. If you want to know more about The One Studio, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

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