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How should I choose a fuitable led studio light?

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In fact, led studio lights are a part of stage lights, including par lights, mobile headlights, wall cleaning lights, studio lights, etc. Led studio lights also include LED profile spotlight, led Fresnel spotlight, LED soft panel light, LED flash, studio cob par light, etc. Studio lighting is essential to most photographers' arsenal.

l  What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

l  How to choose a fuitable led studio light?

What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

Most people know led stage lights because they are widely used on the stage. But few people know about led studio lighting, and do not know what kind of occasions led studio lighting is usually used, such as studios, museums and TV stations. These occasions require high brightness and high CRI led studio lights.

Led studio light is widely used in most scenes because of its high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and multi-function.In addition to using led studio lights for photography, many project companies will use led studio lights in weddings, conference rooms, TV interviews, concerts, recording studios, galleries, museums and other scenes.

How to choose a fuitable led studio light?

1. Select the light with dimmer. We need to design the lighting cycle according to the distance or scene. The brightest is not necessarily the best, because sometimes we need to use a larger lighting cycle. It is best to select a lamp with DMX signal and change the dimming range of the dimmer from 0-100%. Therefore, we can get the corresponding ideal brightness.

2. The product adopts LED technology. If you still use traditional bulbs for photographic lighting, I suggest you replace them as soon as possible. Because it is a trend for LED lamps to replace bulbs. With the development of LED technology, more and more customers use LED studio lamps for lighting, which are more energy-saving and longer service life. So you can save a lot of money and time from repair.

3. The lamps shall be light and easy to carry. Sometimes the shooting location is outdoors, and the weather needs to be considered. It is best that your professional led studio lights have IP 65 waterproof function, and can not be too heavy and easy to carry. In addition, if these professional led studio lights are powered by foldable batteries, it will be easier to use.

4. With the change of color temperature. When we simulate sunlight and sunlight, we need to change the LED color to warm white or cold white, but the lighting color of traditional lamps cannot be changed. Therefore, it is important for us to use professional led studio lights and make its color adjustable. In the old LED technology, the color temperature of LED was only 3200K or 5600k. But now we have 3000-6000k LED light panel, which can change the color as needed.

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