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Factory production in the 2nd quarter of 2019

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The One Studio focuses on stage film and television lighting, studio lighting, and theater church lighting production. To meet the studio & stage lighting market, We launch new models of studio & stage light each season for our Led Profile Spotlight, Led Fresnel Spotlight, Soft Panel Light. and all the products are 2 years warranty. No need to worry about product after-sales problems.


"The One Studio" projects from all over the world have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. We use the studio lighting to help the customer to turn on the world.

led stage lighting

The first half of 2019 was over. The first time a full-cast aluminum chassis exploded LED ellipsoidals, this is the best proof. The following is a demonstration of the factory in the second quarter of THE ONE STUDIO:

TH-345 300w Die Casting Aluminum LED Profile Spot Light, from the end of the exhibition, we are fully marketing this product, the company's homepage, MADE IN CHINA, ALIBABA, FACEBOOK and other platforms show this product, thank you for the product The support and trust made this product the sales champion of this quarter. Production in the second quarter reached around 800 units. This products housing designed in die casting aluminum, full DMX control with RDM compatibility. It can gives you all different patterns and degrees of spread and with that you have a 19/26/36/50 degree, the shutters good focus you can get a very sharp edge, nice flat field, get some solid shutter cuts. Standard, incandescent, quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz, flicker-free on the camera, very suit for any TV studio, broadcast news, or live theatre project and so on.


Led Profile Spotlight

leko spotlight


led stage lighting


TH-352 300w Bi-color LED Fresnel Spotlight with zoom, This can completely replace the 200w 2in1 color led fresnel light, 200w average color temperature is 100w, 3200-5600 color temperature can be adjusted. Now TH-352 Bi-Color Series has a super wide color range from 3000k - 6000k, each color all with 300w power. Have the new design for the dispaly, we using the LCD touch screen, high CRI (Color Rendering Index), 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode and Linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, flicker-free on the camera, very suitable for all different kinds of event: studio room, stage, TV stations, Studios, Theaters, Electric Classrooms, Various conference rooms.

studio fresnel light

   300W Bi-color Led Fresnel Light

fresnel light


led studio lighting


THE ONE STUDIO hopes our hot-selling LED studio & stage light products can help you to win more markets.

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