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Design for theater stage lighting (Part Two)

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From our last article,we show you the lighting directions design for theater stage,front light,uplight and kicker light , now let’s continue this topic and today we talk about top light and foot light.

Top Light

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Top light is the light projected vertically from top to bottom, and is not suitable for illuminating people. This kind of light position, such as the use of astigmatism lamps and soft light paper or yarn, becomes soft light, which can provide general illumination to the scene, which can play the role of "base light". It can give scenes, props, and ground uniform brightness, and can appropriately weaken or eliminate the messy shadows formed by other light positions. Generally, a special lighting boom is set every 3m in the depth of the stage boom. The power supply hangs from the stage ceiling. There is a wire basket in the middle of the boom, and the lamps are hung below the boom. The spotlights on the top of the big screen are usually installed on the liftable light bridge and special lighting boom, which are mainly projected in the stage and the rear performance area. The lights installed on the booms in sequence along the eaves of the platform to the back of the platform are one top light, two top lights, three top lights, etc. Among them, the proscenium ceiling light is located on the upper edge of the building proscenium, close to the lamp position behind the big screen, also known as "a ceiling light" or "false proscenium ceiling light". The basic lighting should be connected with the surface lighting. The lighting method should also be unified with the surface lighting. This light position also takes into account the special lighting of the performance area, such as accent light, special light, and follow light. The top light of the orchestra pool is located at the top of the orchestra pool and illuminates vertically from top to bottom, as the stage lighting in front of the big screen after the orchestra pool is raised. Our led fresnel light and led soft panel light are always used for top light ,such as our high power 300w led fresnel spotlight , and 100w/220w led video panel lighting euqipment ,many customers buy them for top light .

Foot Light

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The foot light is a light strip installed on the lip of the outer stage of the big screen. The light is projected from the stage up to the face of the actor or used to illuminate the lower part of the big screen after the curtain is closed. Generally use strip floodlights or low-angle spotlights.

Before electric light sources were introduced into theaters, oil lamps, candles, gas lamps and other light sources were installed on the lip floor as the main lighting positions for performance lighting, which can also be said to be the first lighting positions that appeared in the early mirror-frame stage.

The plane paintings or curtain decorations hanging above the performance area can be projected from bottom to top with the proscenium footlight (concentration or astigmatism); the proscenium footlight is usually used as a large screen lighting effect.

The artificial traces of this light effect are heavy and should not be used alone, unless special circumstances and special requirements. THE ONE STUDIO TH-336 CYC lighting is very suitable for foot light.

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