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Design for theater stage lighting (Part Three)

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From our last article,we show you the lighting directions design for theater stage,front light,uplight and kicker light, top light and foot light , now let’s continue this topic and today we talk about backlight,CYC light ,follow spot lihgt and special effect light.

cyc lighting


The backlight beam falls on the actor's head and shoulders, which can make the actor stand out from the background of the stage.

The light opposite to the audience's position is called backlight, at an angle of 180°. This kind of light is often used to express the silhouette effect of objects or people.

Backlighting is generally used to outline contour lines, separating the subject or person from the background, creating a sense of spatial depth, and the effect of the picture is not dull and has a sense of vitality. For the backlight ,TH-340 higher power led fresnel light from THE ONE STUDIO is very suitable.

theater lighting

Background light(CYC lighting)

CYC light is divided into two types: CYC top light and ground light. The projection method has a combination of forward, reverse, and forward.

The CYC top light, which illuminates the light from top to bottom, usually by installing several sets of high-power floodlights on the boom. Some fixed configuration of several colors suitable for the sky (such as dark blue, turquoise blue, green, light blue, purple red, etc.), and some choose colors according to the needs of the play.

In some large and medium-sized theaters, the ceiling light of the top is in the form of a suspension bridge. A large number of floodlights are installed in the bridge. At the same time, the suspension bridge is also equipped with projection slides and special effect lights.

The lamps are combined with strips or single lamps, and can be installed in one or two rows. The row can also be divided into upper and lower layers. The lighting requirements are balanced and even, and it is specially used for star background lighting.

ground light, placed on the front panel of the canopy or in a special trench, the lamps used to shoot the canopy. It can be used to express the horizon, horizon, sunset, etc. It is usually used in conjunction with top lihgt to make the color change more abundant. Our TH-336 RGB CYC lighting is design for the background light useage.

follow spotlight

Follow spotlight

Follow spotlight can adjust the aperture size, color, brightness, virtual reality and other functions.

When moving with the actors in the performance, the brightness of the lighting is enhanced to increase the audience's attention, and to achieve partial lighting of the actors' half-length, full body, long distance, and small areas. Sometimes you can use follow spotlight to create an abstract and illusory feeling.

The position of the follow spotlight can be set on the front and both sides of the second floor of the auditorium. It can also be placed on the sides and the back of the stage performance area. It can also be set on the top ceiling of the auditorium and the auditorium. A closed dedicated chasing room at the rear. Our TH-2058 600W LED follow spotlight and TH-2050 300W LED follow spot will be your best choice.

led soft panel light

Special effect light

Special effect light generally refers to the effects of the sun, moon, stars, wind, rain, thunder, and flashlight in the scene, or prop lights, that is, the effects of oil lamps, candles, and electric lights, or the light effects of specific strong light areas in the screen. The specific display location depends on factors such as the performance space structure and performance conditions. THE ONE STUDIO newest full color RGBYW led soft panel light TH-325 with many different kinds of special effects , it will be helpful for you to creat different light scenes.

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