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China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association Of Gansu Provincial Office 2023 Annual Meeting

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 On March 25th, China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association of the Gansu Provincial Office hold annual meeting have been successfully concluded at the Ruyi Huaxi Hotel of Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center. This grand event of cultural and tourism entertainment industry gathered over 300 people from industry administrative departments, industry association experts, academies, universities, financial media centers, cultural and tourism entertainment equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, and system integrates in Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia provinces (regions). It integrates policy presentations, technical lectures, case sharing, work summaries, and direction planning, and was broadcast live on the association's website throughout the entire process.

After the meetin网站 (2)g, under the leadership of Zhou Houjin, the experts conducted a survey for the products of the participating manufacturers, to gain a detailed understanding of their product performance.

Although The One Studioparticipated in the annual meeting of the China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association for the first time, we gained a lot. At this annual meeting, our tour products include Waterproof Rated RGBAL LED Fresnel Light with Auto Zoom (TH-355),300W Full Color Led Soft Panel Light( TH-325), LED IP65 Rated Ellipsoidal With Auto zoom/Auto cutting(TH-344),  Mini Leko Light series (TH-343, TH-363, TH-373) etc. After observed the products by experts, our products received unanimous praise: The One Studio products are exquisite and unique appearance, complete studio product series with good product performance.

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In the past 12 years, every employer of The One Studio has worked together, forge ahead without fear of sweat or hardship. No pains,no gains. Our products have been consistently praised by the same industry and customers.

The One Studio is a warm big family, and I believe that in the near future, under the leadership of CEO Li Lingfeng, the company's strength will definitely grow more and more  better, and prosperous.This event is the first large-scale event held by the Gansu Provincial Office after the COVID-19, and it is also the largest event in the performance equipment industry in Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia provinces (regions) since the beginning of the year. The scale of government and enterprise customer participation, manufacturer participation, expert attendance, and member attendance is unprecedented. Member units, experts and teachers, participating manufacturers, and guests at the conference gave high praise, and mainstream media such as Gansu Provincial Radio and Television General Economic Channel, Lanzhou TV Culture and Tourism Channel, and Lanzhou Evening News Agency reported on it, which received widespread attention.

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