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2021 Hunan Chamber of Commerce Activity

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Being a member of Hunan Chamber of Commerce, The One Studio attended 2021 the second performing artists' gathering of Hunan Chamber of Commerce; also it is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding by the Communist Party of China. This activity was held on 9th May, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Guangzhou, China, attracted over 500 local industry association colleagues, industry bigwigs, experts and teachers to come. 


Our CEO, Mr. Power Lee, as is the vice president of Hunan Chamber of Commerce, he takes highly value of this event, not only sponsored the funds, but also provides many lighting fixtures for this party, including our model th-345 300w die casting aluminum led profile spot light, model th-355 300w ip65 rate warm white led fresnel light with auto zoom, th-326 220W led video panel light. All these lights were installed in the banquet hall of the hotel, not only used as the basic lights, which also joined together with the other lighting, created a fantastic lighting show for all the attenders as one of the performance at that night. What's more, this event invited some experts to make a speak before the evening party started, pointed out the industry development. Also there were many other performance, such as dancing, singing, singing plus dancing, chorus. Most performers are from the member companies, they are boss, CEO, managers. Our CEO Mr. power Lee and his brother, our factory director joined the chorus too.


Besides the main venue, we also set a small booth outside the banquet hall for attenders visiting and learning more about our product. From the picture, you can see there was an about 2 meters track installed on a brace, which exhibited our hot-sale product mini led profile lights( Separately are 20w, which is fixed lens, 19°/26°/36°/50°optional, 60w mini leko light with zoom, zoom is from 20°to 35°) ; and 60w led mini fresnel spotlight, zoom from 35°to 50°, all these mini lighting are perfectly for galleries, museums. We also showed our fresh new high power 300w rgbal die-casting aluminum led profile spot light, this one adopts 90pcs *3w led(Philips from Netherlands) ,CTO from 2,700 to 12,000K; Next to it is our model th-325 300w full color led soft panel light, 5 color, RGBYW, fully tuneable from 2,700 to 8,000K. More details, welcome to search them in our website or contact our sales team directly.

This event is no doubtfully successful, The One Studio will keep supporting the events of Hunan Chamber of Commerce; With the further economy recover this year, we will also keep moving on. One World, One Studio! 

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