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What are the popular led studio lights for projects

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                                                              What are the popular led studio lights for projects.

Nowadays many project company will help to design and make the overall arrangement for the project in Wedding, Meeting room , TV interview, Gallery, Museum etc,. So what kind of lights will used in these places? There is no doubt that will be the led studio and stage lights. 

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THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research manufacturing and marking of professional LED studio & stage lighting, who has over 8 years experience for the LED tech for studio light. Our main LED stage light products involve LED profile spotlight, LED fresnel spotlight, LED soft video light, LED blinder light, Studio par light, etc..


As our products have a good reputation on the market, that many company will choose our lights to make their project. What is the most popular studio lights for their projects? That are our led profile spotlight, led fresnel soptlight and led soft panel light.


The popular led profile spotlight for project is our TH329. The housing can be make in black or white color. When the project company make the design for the Weddings, they love the TH329 in white color housing. It can keep the same color with the overall arrangement, white flower , white table and chairs and also white bridal veil. All the white color make the weddings dreamlike and perfect.



And our led fresnel spotlights are popular with the projects for stage. They always choose the TH340 300W led fresnel spotlight with auto zoom for the stage project. The led is imported from Citizen. It is high brightness and long lifetime. The Focus can be controlled by DMX controller, very convenience.


Last, let's see the hot sale style panel light for the project to the meeting room. It is our TH326 220W 1920pcs led soft panel light. Color temperature is adjustable from 3000K-6000K. Soft light with no dazzling. The cooling system used no noise fan, quietly for the meeting room.

If you are looking for these kind of led lights for your project, feel free to contatct us . Thank you.

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