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What are the components of led video panel light?

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TH-325 02

Led video panel light is one of main products of our company. Our products including led profile light, led fresnel light, led video panel light and led blinder light etc. Led video panel light commonly used in studio, meeting room and TV Show etc. Do you know what are the components of led video panel light?

Let see the new developed 300W led video panel light TH-325 from The One Studio and learn what are the components of it. The TH-325 led video panel light consist of light handle, light housing, display, Led lamp bead board, main board, driver board, power supply and barn doors. The light hande is made of high quality die-casting aluminum. Sturdy, durable and good bearing capacity. And there are also two rotary knobs on the both side of handle, that can adjust the light to any angles. 

TH-325 01

The light housing also made of high quality die-casting aluminum material. Very good for heat dissipation. And the TH-325 is without fans, heat dissipation totally by the light housing. We can see that it is a special design, not only good for heat dissipation but also look artistic and unique. The display is with LCD touch screen. With two knobs on the right side of display,  it is easy to control the light such as dimming and color temperature as well as other functions.

TH-325 03

The led lamp bead board with two versions. One is Bi-color 2112pcs*0.28W, another one is 5color RGB* 858pcs 3in1 (R*0.12W/G*0.17W/B*0.17W) +Y (880pcs*0.35W) + W (880pcs*0.35W). The led is with high CRI 95,long life time over 50000 hours, high brightness. Main board and driver board are designed and made by ourselves like our all the other lights. So our lights seldom need after - sales service. The Power supply is on outside of the light housing. It used Brand Mean Well power supply. Good quality, strong stability, not easy to burn. The TH-325 300W led video panel light also with 4 barn doors. It can adjusted the barn door to focus the lights and reduce the dazzling situations happen. 

TH-325 04

Above are the components of our led video panel light. With these such good quality components , our led video panel lights are very popular with the customers. Especially our customers like to buy the led video panel light for the TV interview and telestudio projects. Except the TH-325 led video panel light , we also have other video panel light. Such as the 220W led video panel light, 100W led panel light and 108pc*3W RGB panel light. If your projects are used led video panel light , or led profile light , led fresnel light and other led studio lights , pls follow The One Studio. Thank you.

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