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The One Studio with 2020 New Catalogue

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The One Studio is a professional manufacturing enterprise, we’re collection of R&D, producing and marketing. As our company’s philosophy - Innovation is always the primary productive force. So we keep developing some new models LED Stage Lighting each seasons. As a leading professional manufactures on lighting equipment supplier, with the newest models of led ellipsoidal light, we help our clients expand their business. To meet the stage lighting market, We launch new models of studio & stage light for IP65 LED Fresnel Light with Auto Zoom, IP65 Ellipsoidal Light, Full Color Soft Panel Light.

led stage light

What’s the waterproof led fresnel spotlight?

stage theatre light

1.Freely adjustable spot size and viewing distance

The threaded condenser used in LED fresnel spotlights. This kind of condenser is characterized by the freedom of the spot size. Usually, the light emitted by IP65 theatre spotlights will be concentrated, the diffused light next to the beam will be scattered, and the power range of LED spotlights is wide The focal length can be freely switched and controlled by DMX, and the distance of its viewing distance can be freely adjusted and selected according to the requirements of light collection.


2.Controllable color temperature and illumination

With a high power 300W RGBAL 5IN1 LED, color included Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime. With RGBAL full color, HSIC intelligent color mix system. Fully Tuneable from 2,700 to 12,000K, similar to sunrise to sunset. Adjust high quality mix color. Also with our own optical, make a stable and efficient brightness effect. This model comes with Die-casting Aluminum IP65 waterproof housing can using outdoor, the zoom lens options from 25-50 degree by DMX controlled. Due to the super power of LED spotlights The range and small and flexible appearance can quickly create a stage effect. For example, in a news studio, the white spot of the host ’s pupil can be reflected by the conditions of the LED fresnel spotlight beam, giving him a glance and letting his eyes see Going up is exciting; in some specific situations, LED spotlights can achieve scene-type lighting, which can meet the realization of a variety of stage effects.

waterproof led fresnel spotlight

3.Good Cooling System and Waterproof performance

The LED fresnel led stage light adopts the iron sheet structure design of the natural fan heat of the chassis. Fan-less no noise, very suitable for all different kinds of event: studio room, stage, TV show and so on. This design can effectively ensure the heat dissipation performance of the theater lights. , Its unique airflow cooling channel can keep the LED spotlight theatre in the cooling state for a long time, will not cause failure due to high temperature during use, and then affect its service life; at the same time, the waterproof design of the theatre lighting also makes it very waterproof, spotlight fresnel 300w is equipped with a rain trough. This special tool allows it to enter the water even when it rains without affecting the normal use of the lamp.

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