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How can I find a LED profile spotlight supplier?

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LED profile spotlight

The LED profile spotlight market is limited, but there are more and more suppliers. Therefore, when selecting LED profile spotlight, we must observe carefully, compare in many aspects, and select reliable suppliers.

  • What are the types of LED profile spotlights?

  • Where can I buy good LED profile spotlights?

What are the types of LED profile spotlights?

1) Mini LED profile spotlight

This mini LED profile spotlight is equipped with 20W led in tungsten and daylight colors, or CW + WW 2in1. It can be used anywhere: museums, retail stores, restaurants, lighting laboratories, children's cinemas and other small facilities. It can provide everything you want, easy to use, excellent optics and clear image projection, as well as a bright and uniform field of view. Most importantly, LED profile spotlight is just a small lighting device.

2) Fixed lens LED profile spotlight

Fixed lens LED profile spotlight adopts high-power light sources of 200W, 300W, 400W and 600W led, which can be used in any large project to provide you with satisfactory brightness. You will also be satisfied with its clean and accurate gobo effect. In order to facilitate intelligent operation, we designed four dimming curves: Standard/incandescent/fast/linear. In addition, you can adjust the dimmer frequency between 500 Hz and 25000 Hz according to different purposes. LED profile spotlight is a full DMX control with RDM compatibility.

3) Zoom LED profile spotlight

Unlike the fixed lens LED profile spotlight, the zoom LED profile spotlight has an optional zoom range of 12°to 30°or 25°to 50°.

Where can I buy good LED profile spotlights?

Through the efforts of our engineers, the latest product of THE ONE STUDIO, die-casting aluminum shell LED lamp, has been completed. The LED configuration of THE ONE STUDIO can provide you with perfect lighting effect and can be used anywhere.

200W die cast aluminum LED profile spotlight is our latest developed new product. The product adopts high-quality fireproof aluminum die-casting shell, which has high-grade appearance, durability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. With our own optical elements, the brightness effect is stable and efficient.

This LED profile spotlight uses a touch screen, which is more convenient to operate and control the product. Deeper, richer colors make flicker free lighting look great on the screen. For the dimmer, we hired a very professional software engineer to design the dimmer. There are four dimmer curves: standard mode, incandescent mode, fast mode and linear mode. The frequency is between 500Hz and 25kHz, and there is no flicker on the camera, which is very suitable for various types of activities.

The power supply of LED profile spotlight is 100 ~ 240V, with PFC protection, which can well protect the power supply. For theater use, we chose a better copper pipe fan. It has no noise, is very quiet, and can hardly hear any sound. In addition, the LED profile spotlight is the same as the LED profile spotlight in the PVC shell. It has four kinds of lenses to choose from: 19 / 26 / 36 / 50 degrees.

THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in professional LED studio and stage lighting R&D, manufacturing and marking, and we have more than 10 years of experience in studio lighting LED technology. You can get the latest news of our company's products by checking our website or contacting online 24 hours a day on Facebook, WHATSAPP, SKYPE and WeChat.


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