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The One Studio New Factory is coming

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-24      Origin: Site


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Under the background of corona virus over the world, many business have to suspend, or even stop. At this moment, we may face some difficulties, but we should never loose our faith. The One Studio will be always here with you, let us keep moving! Now, we would like to share some good news with you in advance---The One Studio New Factory is coming! Hope we all can cheer up and meet the dawn very soon. 


Like most enterprises, The One Studio started from small size one. In 2007, our company officially founded in Guangzhou,China, at the beginning, we focused on the independent research development and production of LED lighting product and equipment of Led par, Led wall washer, and Led moving head light. Then, in 2011 our bosses of Li's brother decided to set foot in a new business field - LED STUDIO LIGHT; in the same year, our first factory was established, due to the limited products and scale, the factory was only 1000 square meters, from the old picture, you can find the structure of the factory was quite simple at that time, there were only two main testing lines and several production lines. 


With 4 years explore and develop, we make our led studio & stage light become more and more mature; in the meanwhile, we stopped our business for old stage light and turn the business into high quality led stage lighting equipment. As the growing company scale, In 2017, we moved our factory to a big and new industrial building---that is our current factory. This factory is over 3000 square meters, except the sufficient testing lines and production lines, we also have a full line of workshop equipment, strictly QC department, and a group of R&D engineers. Additionally, we set a professional studio room as well, in this room, we install and show all products, clients can make a visit and personally operate them. Products are good or not, client can test by themselves, which not only offer client an experience chance, but also help us improve and upgrade our products. 


As the TOP3 enterprise in the field of the led stage lighting,The One Studio never stop the paces, even though so far our factory is not bad, but we never satisfy the current situation. In 2018, our boss have a general idea to build our own factory but not rental. After fully consideration and field visit, we finally decide to build our new factory in Zhaoqing where is only half hour away from Guangzhou. Spending over a year efforts, the main structure have been well build-ed. This new factory is over six floors, in the coming months, the workers will decorate the outside and inside, in the end of 2020, we will move into this new building as plan, meanwhile, we will keep our Guangzhou office.

    With the establishment of the new factory, in the coming days, The One Studio will remain true to our original aspiration-Innovation and development. Let us work hard together ! 

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