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Happy Ending of Prolight+ Sound Guangzhou 2020

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The One Studio

The Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2020 just end this Monday. We gain a lot on the this exhibition. Many old customers visit our booth to have face to face communicate and meet our new products. Also, we have meet many new customers. As we all know, because the affect of COVID-19, the business is in the doldrums in various industries and many exhibition cancel or postpone at home and abroad. But fortunately, The Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2020 still held as scheduled. This is a great encouragement for the lighting industry.

ip 65 outdoor fresnel

The One Studio booked a big booth from the exhibition organizers, the area have 135 square. That equivalently to 9 standard booth. We must show our strength even in the most difficult times and this is also the concept of our CEO. Let everyone know that we continue to grow through the downturn. Why we are so confident about the exhibition, of course because we have good quality products and customers’ support. We spend a lot to decorate our booth. This year, we make a simulation studio to show our led soft lights and led fresnel lights how to work in the studio. Besides, we buil a cistern to show how ourIP65 led profile lightand IP65 led fresnel light work in the rain or outdoor.

led soft light

It is no doubt that these two special design are the highlight of our booth. They attract a lot of customers to stop and look. But the most popular is the simulation studio. Many customers would like to take photos in our simulation studio. In this way, our design is worth it, many customers like it. We setted about alomost 40pcs 220W led soft panel light on the top of the studio and 4pcs led fresnel lights as the side lights. These lights are all with 5600K Cool White. So no matter you want to take photos or make TV interview or make broadcast in our studio, that the lights are meet demands. The light shines evenly on the face, will not happen that one side is dark and the other is light. The simulation studio ideally show the advantage of our 220W led soft panel light.


led fresnel

To our surprise, during the exhibition except the domestic customer came to visit our booth, there are some foreign customers came to visit our booth and new products. In this difficult time, customers' support for our products gives us more confidence and inspire. The most important thing is that one of our new customer ordered 30pcs 220W led soft panel light on the exhibition. We are appreciatived that the customer give us the big support. In the same time, it also shows that our products are pretty good and attractive. It will not be pity if you didn't come to our booth this year, we will wait for you in Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2021. The One Studio thanks for the support of our old and new customers again! 

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