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220W led soft panel light with battery

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What lights are used in the news special interview studio, what are the lights used in the studio, and what are the functions of led studio lights? News studio lighting, interview studio lighting, teaching lecture studio lighting, press conference lighting, now all use led fresnel spotlights and led soft panel lights, and some useled profile spotlights and led soft panel lights.

LED fresnel spotlights and LED profile spotlights have the same function and can replace each other, usually used as the main light and backlight of the studio. When the led fresnel spotlight or the led profile spotlight act backlight, the light are placed behind the character, and the light hits the shoulder of the character, so that the character and the background are separated. When led fresnel spotlights or led profile spotlights are used as the main light, the lights are placed in front of the left and right of the characters to shape the image, shape and form the external shape structure to achieve the three-dimensional shape effect .

led soft light

The led soft panel light is widely used as the basic light. The function of the led flat soft light is to illuminate the environment and background and eliminate the shadow of the characters. Can be used as background light, top light, side light and face light.

The One Studio 220W LED soft panel light, it is comes with 1920 pcs led.You can get control color temperature from 3000K-6000K which a wider range than you normally find. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%.With DMX control with RDM compatibility. Standard, incandescent,quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz. LCD with touch screen, easy to control the light with knob dimming color temperature, display with color temperature. Brand Mean Well power supply, with low fail rate and stable performance. This led soft panel light is popular with customers for TV Station studio, Photostudio, conference room etc.

led soft light with battery

But now the market demand for led soft panel light is changing, regular led soft panel light has been unable to meet the requirements of the market. More and more customers ask for the led soft panel light with battery. Continuous innovation and reform that can make company more competitive and keep moving in the market.So we developed the 220W led soft panel light with battery. The functions and appearance keep same with regular 220W led soft panel light, just added the two batteries on the back side of light. Then the light can work without connecting to the power supply. After many day and night test, the samples are finished. It is very convenient for use outside for photography and outside film shooting. With light weight and small volume, easy to carry outside. Follow The One Studio to see more attractive studio and stage lights.

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