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What are the beam angles of the LED Profile Spotlight

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Beam angle is something that needs to be taken care of in selecting the appropriate LED lighting for space. This is the color temperature. The beam angle indicates the spread of light from the light source. Narrow beams provide centralized lighting and are suitable for accent lighting. Wide beams give a more general and softer light. Most LED lights are available at selected beam angles.Narrow beam angles, from a very narrow 19-degree spot to a wider 50-degree flood, make the light more intensive and intense. A wider beam angle better distributes light to more areas of the room. Knowing how to use beam angles correctly can significantly improve the lighting effects in different occasions . Besides, 10 degrees Spotlight is also popular.


The One Studio as the leading manufactory of led studio lights more than 10 years in China. Which products including led profile spotlight, led fresnel light, led soft panel light and led blinder light. Led profile spotlight as the main products of The One Studio, what are the bean angless of the led profile spotlight? There are 3 styles of led profile spotlight with different beam angles series. First, let’s see the classic style led profile spotlight from The One Studio. TH-345 300W led profile spotlight which light housing is made of high quality die-casting aluminum. The beam angle is 19/26/36/50 degree optional. As different occasion request different irradiate range, then need to make different beam angle. If the irradiation distance is far and need to make gobo clear then 19degree is the best. But some occasions request big irradiate range and with close range then can choose 50 degree. These beam angle is fixed can not change.


But market demand is constantly changing, when the fixed beam angle can't meet the demands then people will seek the zoom angle. To meet market demand, The One Studio make the led profile spotlight with manual zoom. TH-346 300W led profile spotlight with manual zoom. The beam angle is 12-30degree or 25-50 degree optional. One style led profile spotlight can meet different beam angles from 12-30 degrees or 25-50degrees. It is more powerful than the fixed lens led profile spotlight. But if the led profile spotlight with manual zoom also can not meet customers demands then what should do? Of course that make the more powerful led profile spotlight with auto zoom.


 TH-344 New IP rated LED fixture from THE ONE STUDIO - an ellipsoidal comes with IP65 waterproof housing,with 300W RGBAL 5in1 led,adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 12,000K. This model offers everything should come to expect, including auto zoom from 15-30 degree and auto focus, smooth shutter cuts by DMX. An auto zoom beam angle from 15-30 degree that can meet different irradiation range when on the stage in theater or wedding. This light also can cut different shape with auto shutters cutting function.

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