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LED Ellipsoidal light and Led Fresnel Light on the theater stage (part one)

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LED Ellipsoidal lights and Led Fresnel spotlights have been used in stage performances for some years. As early as 2010, LED profile lights and fresnel spotlights were promoted and applied in theaters as environmentally friendly green lighting. However, there have always been some objections in the market for the new light source of LED, which is not particularly ideal for theatrical stage performance. The reason is that besides energy saving, other functions of this kind of lamps are not very useful. The light is turbid, the penetrating power is poor, and the color rendering index is not ideal, especially the inaccurate dimming, which can not achieve zero light. This is a fatal flaw for stage lighting, which cannot be used on theatrical stage. , And will destroy the atmosphere of theatrical performance. Today, we would like to introduce some advantages of LED stage lights.

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Disadvantages of halogen light:

First of all, let's talk about the LED Ellipsoidal Leko light brings us convenience in terms of color temperature uniformity. In terms of traditional lighting, almost all lamps used in theatrical performances such as face light, slap, column light and top light are tungsten lamps. The color temperature of these products is lower, generally at 3200K. Most of the product used as backlight and scene light are moving head light, LED par and LED dyeing lights. Their color temperature is relatively high, generally 5600K. So the color temperature will be unbalanced in theatrical stage performance. There will be no big problems for the audience in theatrical stage performance, but there will be big problems in the recording, which will cause great inconsistencies between the stage effect and the recording effect in the performance. Brings a lot of trouble to work and brings us a lot of confusion. Because the white balance is more difficult to adjust in this case, the color temperature of white light such as surface light, slap light, column light and top light will change with the change of illuminance. The surface light is sometimes weak, sometimes strong, and sometimes there is no surface light. Therefore, the color temperature is not easy to determine, in this case, the adjusted white balance is not accurate. Because the surface light will change. In theatrical performances, the lighting always changes with the changes of drama emotions and music, and each change of lighting will contain multiple levels. For example, in a dance drama, the change of lighting sometimes causes the sky curtain to light up first, creating a silhouette effect, and then flow and backlight, etc., adding light and dimming layer by layer. This is different from the recording of TV programs. In the recording of pure TV programs, the illuminance of the surface light is basically the same, and the color temperature does not change. The stage performance is different. This is also the difference between the lighting changes in theatrical stage performance and the TV program recording, and it is also one of the reasons why the theater stage effect is different from the recording effect. However, almost all theatrical stage performances nowadays are recorded, whether it is recorded by a professional team or recorded by yourself. Solving the problem of uniform color temperature basically solves one of the problems of the different effects of theatrical stage performance and recording.

If using Ellipsoidal lights and Theatre spotlights for surface light, slap light, column light, top light, mobile light, etc., also solves the problem of uneven color temperature and solves the problem that the color temperature of the surface light changes with the change of illuminance. Because of the LED leko light, the color temperature of the spotlight will not change with dimming, and its color temperature is relatively fixed. Practical experience tells us that when the white light color temperature of the surface light is around 4200K, the recording effect and stage performance effect are relatively ideal. This is easy to do for Ellipsoidal lights and Fresnel spotlights, which brings a lot to our work. convenient. The emergence of new LED studio spotlights creates conditions for us to solve the different effects of theatrical performance and recording, and provides an opportunity to solve this problem.

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