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How should I choose a fuitable LED fresnel light?

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LED Fresnel stage lighting can be found in many places. They are widely used in studios, stage TV programs and conference rooms. LED Fresnel stage lighting has the characteristics of portability, durability and high brightness. It is very popular in engineering and bidding projects. THE ONE STUDIO is a professional manufacturer of LED contour light, LED fresnel light, LED panel light and led shutter light, which has a history of more than 10 years in China. Led Fresnel spotlight is also one of the main products of THE ONE STUDIO.

  • What are the types of LED fresnel lights?

  • How to choose a fuitable LED fresnel light?

What are the types of LED fresnel lights?

So far, THE ONE STUDIO has designed three LED fresnel lights:

1. 150W / 200W / 300W studio Fresnel spotlight.

2.100w small studio Fresnel spotlight.

3. Folding Fresnel spotlight in the waterproof studio.

How to choose a fuitable LED fresnel light?

1. LED power supply

Generally speaking, 200W and 300W are normal versions for most occasions, such as theater use, wedding or stage performance. In order to meet the requirements of customers, THE ONE STUDIO launched this classic model - TH-340 led Fresnel zoom spotlight. In addition to the choice of these two watts, this model can also make 150W. If you need less power, you can consider our TH-350-100w LED fresnel light, which is an energy-saving product with smaller size than TH-340.

2. Color temperature

Warm white and cold white are the basic color temperature of most studio and stage lights. Most products of LED fresnel light series of THE ONE STUDIO can realize these two colors. We also have 2IN1 and 4IN1. For 2IN1, the power is usually 200W, such as TH-340, and the color temperature is 3200k-5600k. On the basis of this version, we have launched a 600W two-color LED fresnel light. The spotlight adopts 600W LED lights, semi warm white, semi cold white, and CCT is adjustable from 3000k-6000k.

3. Scaling

Compared with LED contour light, LED fresnel light is softer, so most people will choose LED fresnel light as an area light source. According to the height and distance from the stage to the lights, the scale of Fresnel can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. The normal zoom ratio of LED fresnel lights in THE ONE STUDIO is 15-50°, such as TH-340; Next is a 20-55°- TH-351 waterproof LED fresnel light. If you want a smaller angle or some special angle, we have other options of 15-30° and 35-50°. After confirming the zoom scale, for most LED fresnel lights, we have two versions for customers to choose from: manual zoom or automatic zoom.

THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in professional LED studio and stage lighting R&D, manufacturing and marking, and we have more than 10 years of experience in studio lighting LED technology. You can get the latest news of our company's products by checking our website or contacting online 24 hours a day on Facebook, WHATSAPP, SKYPE and WeChat.

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