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Application of 600W Bi-color Led Profile Light In Church

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Profile church

It is well known that a church is a sacred, solemn place. The role of the church is also different in different countries. The Catholic Church is used for Catholics to watch Mass, pray, and hold various religious ceremonies. The Christian Church is used for Christians to pray, assemble, and hold various religious ceremonies. The church also holds weddings for believers It is also open to tourists when there are no ceremonies in the church. In prayers, gatherings and weddings, a lot of lights need to be used to set off the atmosphere. So what kind of lighting is suitable for such an events? The following will introduce the lights suitable for church lighting.

600W led profile

Led profile lights are often used as face lights in church lighting. The face light illuminate light from the front of the audience to the stage, as the front main light of the performance area, it is mainly used to illuminate the performance area in front of the stage, and plays the role of front lighting for the performers on the stage, which is used for character modeling or stage lighting. The objects on it appear three-dimensional. The face light is usually installed outside the stage curtain. At the top of the auditorium, there are the first and second face lights, and the rear floor face lights and central spotlights also have similar functions. It is mainly used in the performance area at the front of the stage, such as 10-15m behind the curtain line, for character modeling or to form a three-dimensional effect of objects on the stage. Led profile lights are mostly used, and back lights are used in a small amount, and there is the possibility of installing follow-spot lights.


THE ONE STUDIO TH-347 led profile light is powered by a single source 600W COB LED ,with both warm white and cool white,adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. This ERS-style fixture boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Control options like selectable PWM, RDM, and selectable dimming curves round out this virtually silent ellipsoidal. The 600W Bi-color led profile light irradiation distance can be 15-20 meter, it is enough for the irradiation distance for the events such as wedding and prayers. This led profile light adopt ultra smooth 16-bit dimming of master dimmer and individual color, 0-100% Linear smooth dimming. Add optimized high definition optical system for improved photometric performance and field uniformity. Also, gobo holder is optional, can make different gobo effect in different occasions. With LCD screen, it is very easy to operate. Such powerful functions led profile light, best choice for the Church lightings application. Follow The One Studio to get more powerful led fixtures for your events!

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