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what are the new generation of led theatre light ?

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As the time goes by, the Led tech is getting maturer and maturer. Thanks to the Led development, the people do not need to tolerate the shortcoming from the traditional bulb and lamp in the theatre lighting equipment field, you can see there are more led lighting equipment appear in the studio room, theater, opera, broadcast room, TV show, cat walk show and so on..


In the past, The One Studio already have the theatrical lighting in mature Led tech, we use a high power COB imported Led lamp for the light source, so we have a brilliant lighting effect. Also, we have the model for led theatre spotlights in fixed lens and zoom. And we make them in single warm white, single cool white, warm white + cool white 2in1, RGB, RGBW, even in RGBAL. With so many different kinds of ellipsoidal led spotlight, we became the top 3 professional led theatrical lighting manufacturer.


This year The One Studio made a great breakthrough for the led theatre light ! We can tell you that it's a big surprise for the user of ellipsoidal led spotlight.


Here please let me introduce you this Future Star !

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This is our latest research and development of new model led leko spotlight theater with zoom. It’s not the first time we have the zoom leko light. But this one is much different than that. We use high quality fireproof aluminium die casting, with high grade appearance, sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistance and Oxidation resistance.


For our last model of TH-337, it’s 15~38 degree for zoom, and we upgrade the housing, now the range of its beam angle can be from 12~30 degree, and you can change another barrel of 25~50 degree. What’s more, if you have our fixed lens led leko of 19/26/36/50 degree, than you also can exchange the barrel on this light ! So you can save a lot of money for getting another light !

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For the old tech, the 2in1 COB led is half power in 3200K and half power in 5600K. when you light one color, the power is 100W. But we have the new generation for the software, our light is not just 3200K and 5600K, but 3000K~6000K adjustable, you can choose 3300K, 4000K, 4200K, 5500K,etc. Even more, no matter what kind of color temperature you choose, the brightness will be the same, the light is still in 300W. So it will be so bright to meet different scene for different color temperature.


For the Display, before we using the button digital display on the products, but this item we use the touch screen, more convenient operation control products. The deeper, richer color makes Zoom Led Profile Light look great on screen on flicker-free operation – even at high speeds. For the dimmer ,we hired a very professional software engineer to design the dimmer, there are 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode and Linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, and flicker-free on the camera, very suitable for all different kinds of event: stage, studio room, broadcast, museum and so on.

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Besides of the led ellipsoidal lighting, we still have many other lights that are suitable for the theater used:

1. High Bright 220W Led Video Soft Light

2. 300W LED Fresnel Spotlight with zoom

3. 4x100W COB LED Blinder Light

4. 200W COB LED Studio Par Light


We are the professional theatrical lighting suppliers ! For more information on lighting products, please contact us to explain your needs.

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