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Why are spotlights used in theatre

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The LED Fresnel Spotlight is a soft-edged spotlight with more control over beam angle than floods, but less control than profiles. Fresnel Light - a focusable spotlight used in film, television, and theater lighting, which can be adjusted via a knob on the back of the light from "spot" for a narrowly focused beam, to "flood" for a wider beam. This type of focusable lighting instrument is called a Fresnel because it features a Fresnel Lens, a glass lens with concentric ripples that is visible on the front of the light, casting soft, even illumination across the light's beam.

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A spotlight is a powerful stage lighting instrument which projects a bright beam of light onto a performance space. Spotlights are most commonly used in concerts, musicals and large scale presentations and some match where highlighting a specific mobile individual is critical. Sure, on some catwalk show, also use led theater light for focuse the light, to make the show more perfect.


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Spotlights may be arranged in a variety of patterns for coverage. For example, they can be located to the back or rear of a theater and aimed at the stage in front of them. In circus and sports, spotlights may be arranged around the facility covering both sides and the ends. In a concert setting, may have the spotlight upstage used as back or top light. On some studio room or TV studio, it also use led theater spotlight as back or top light, but will use together with led panel video light, that willl make the host show on the TV fully.

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