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Which led lights photography is best?

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Studio light for photography and the led fresnel spotlight, both led studio lights are ideal for lighting used to Studio room. Led light panel photography we use South Korea's Samsung led lamp, energy saving and environmental protection; color temperature range is 3000K-6000K; Ra (color rendering index) is up to 95; due to different use occasions, our latest led photo light can use knob to control dimming and color temperature The dimmer and color temperature are displayed on the display, which makes it more convenient to use. 

led studio lights

In addition, LED fresnel spotlights for the stage generally refers to the use of various stages, studios, large and medium-sized conference rooms, theater auditoriums, multi-purpose halls and other occasions. In these occasions, hanging products are used, which are connected in series by power supply and signal lines, and are regulated by the DMX512 signal console. Therefore, LED film and spotlights are equipped with a signal control mode, which can realize 0~100% linear dimming, Color temperature from warm white 3200k to cool white 5600k conversion, beam size focusing and so on.

To highlight the advantages of the two products led soft light and led fresnel spotlight, they are very suitable for use in the studio.

Stage light bicolor led soft panel light video light220w led lights photography for studio

1. 1920pcs*0.2W with high brightness, but equipped with diffuser board,uniformity of light spot,not dazzling

2. RDM Control Protocol, 4 kinds Dimming Curve

3. Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable. Dimmer smoothly, Flick Free for TV and Studio

4. The knob for control dimmer and color temperature, Color temperature 3000K-6000K adjustable

5. Beam Angle:180, large area of irradiation

6. LCD with Touch Screen, convenient operate and control products

7. Die casting Aluminum Housing

8. No noise fan, very quiet and hardly to hear any voice

9. Use for film and television shooting, studios,advertising photography, etc.


150W/200W/300W Studio Fresnel Spotlight

1. Imported LED from Japan,CRI90, Max can be 97

2. Single WW or CW(150W/200W/300W), 2IN1(200W/300W), 3IN1(180W), 4IN1(200W/400W)

3. Aluminum Alloy Housing

4. Beam angle: 15-50°

5. With zoom by manual/ Auto zoom

6. DMX 512

If you need anything else, welcome to contact us.

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