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Where can we use the led fresnel spotlight

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As a commonly seeing lighting equipment in the theater, fresnel Light is a soft-edged spotlight with more control over beam angle than floods, but less control than profiles. It is from 15 ~50 degree by manual zoom. Go green and make a significant reduction in dimmer energy and air-conditioning power consumption.

But is that the fresnel light just can be used in the theater or studio room ?

Of course NOT ! The fresnel can be in different occasion for the a front, top, side or reverse throw !


Here are some project for the fresnel:

LED Fresnel Lighting

This project is in a beautiful nation - Korea ! 

In Korea, there are a lot of Christian, so church is an important part for the people ! You can see many different church in Korea.

In this project, client use the COB led fresnel light for lighting up the church.

When the priest or the host go into the stage, the led fresnel lighting will give them a soft lighting effect.

China Fresnel Light

Do you like watching the billiards Master game ?

If so, you must remember the 2017 billiards Hong Kong Masters. And we are so proud that our fresnel spotlight can help to decorateit. Our client choose it for spot the desk and participant. So bright effect you can see on the photo. 

COB led fresnel light

Look at this project ! There were many young guy in it !

As it's a school party ! So they were prepared for the performance ! Our led fresnel spotlight is in a small stage now ! Not just the fresnel, client also use the 400W RGBW led leko light for decorate the whole stage. 

The One Studio work with many different lighting project, hope one day we can get your project too.

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