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Where can be install the Studio Led Leko Light?

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Sometimes many customers who ask where the studio led leko light are suitable for use. Or what are the specific characteristics of led leko spotlight?  Then I would like to share this information with everyone today.


Led Profile Spotlight is a stage light fixture that produces a clear boundary spot and configures a cut sheet. The main feature is the ability to cut light spots into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes.

Studio Leko Light

Ellipsoidal light is light weight, good consistency, no light leakage; exquisite appearance. And use of energy-efficient imported LED Japanese Led lamp with High CRI (Color Rendering Index), the use of high-purity aspherical glass lens, uniform light spot, high brightness. High-precision optical channel design Adjust the best focal length at will. Also with 4 kinds of 19°/26°/36°/50° lenses are interchangeable to meet different lighting requirements. It is generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects and people and is widely used in Wedding, Theaters, T-Show, Conference rooms, Television stations, Hotels and other places.

source 4 light

This is one of the most important projects of our customers in Korea. The church is holding a wedding. This project we recommend that customers use a white housing for the LED Profile Spotlight,it is very suitable for this environment, high CRI, high brightness. Customer have used 100units 200w LED Profile Spotlight with cool white 5600k color in this project, so the wedding scene presents a warm, romantic and joyful wedding atmosphere.

led theatre lights

Conference rooms the Ellipsoidal Lighting design generally refers to a variety of scenarios that can meet the usual meetings, discussion reports, press releases, lectures, multimedia teaching and training, and entertainment movie playback. It is similar to the stage lighting design, but there are some differences. The Conference rooms pays more attention to the brightness, and then the stage pays more attention to the performance effect. So that this project used 20units 300w warm white ellipsoidal spotlight as a surface light.On the other hand, we take the fixture with the copper tube for cooling, which is hardly to hear any noise.

led stage spotlights

T-Show stage lighting design needs to pay attention to reduce the height of the T-station, mirror carpet, increase the use of point light source such as candles in the space, light up the lighting of the banquet hall and then design the lighting scheme of the lower-level T-station with lighting design. To make the ground (T-surface) and the ceiling's visual space wide, that is to say, the design of the head space is very important - you can try to light the stage hall's own lighting and then match the lighting design, then let the mirror carpet reflect the top It is possible to achieve the effect of extension. To keep the audience have their good impressions, we use 100units 200W led ellipsoidal with Cool white 5600k and some studio par to ensure the brightness, also we choose the imported led which CRI is over 92. 

If your stage needs Studio Leko Light, please feel free to contact us.

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