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Where can I buy good LED stage theater lights?

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Stage theater lighting is a lighting technology, which can be used in stage, drama, dance, opera or other performing arts. In addition to basic lighting, modern stage theater lighting can also include special effects, such as laser and fog machines.

led stage theater lights

What are the functions of good LED stage theater lights?

1.Selective visibility.The ability to see what happens on stage. If the audience cannot see the character, any stage theater lighting design will be useless unless it is a clear intention.

2.Enlightenment of form. Change the perception of shape on the stage, especially the three-dimensional stage elements

3.Focus.Direct the audience's attention to one area of the stage through the stage theater lights, or distract them from another area.

4.Mood.Set the tone of the scene through the stage and theater lights. Dazzling red light and soft lavender light have different effects.

5.Place and time. Establish or change position in time and space. Blue indicates night, orange and red indicate sunrise or sunset. Use mechanical filters to project sky scenes, the moon, and so on.

6.Stage elements.LED stage theater lights can be used to project or act as stage sets.

7.Plot. Lighting events may trigger or promote actions on and off stage.

8.Composition.LED stage theater lighting may only be used to show the area on the stage that the designer wants the audience to see.

9.Effect.In pop and rock concerts, DJ shows or carnivals, led theater lights can emit color lights and lasers to make visual effects.

Where can I buy good LED stage theater lights?

  THE ONE STUDIO TH-355 is a brand-new led stage theater spotlight with four kinds of dimmer curves. The 300W theater spotlight system is designed for theaters and other applications that must use high-definition lighting. For this LED stage theater light, it can produce 300W high power and use RGBAL 5IN1 led, including red, green, blue, amber and stone gray. It can also use RGBAL full color, and HSIC intelligent color mixing system can be fully tuned from 2700 to 12000k, similar to sunrise to sunset. Adjust high quality blend colors. At the same time, with our own optical system, we can make a stable and efficient brightness effect.

  THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of professional LED studio stage lighting. We have more than 10 years of experience in studio lighting LED technology. Our main led stage light products involve led contour light, led Fresnel spotlight, LED soft video light, LED flash, studio par light and so on.At present, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

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