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Where Can be Install Stage Led Panel Light?

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Diversity of styles and brands of LED panel lights make many customers confused, as there are too many poor qualified video panel light products are umped in the market.

How to choose the suitable China LED Video Panels for virtual studio room? 

led flat panel light

The virtual studio lighting design differs from the real studio lighting design in that it requires more illumination in the studio area. The virtual studio is composed of several blue screens or green screens, just like the below project, which are semi-open boxes. As a studio background, the common blue box room has three types: L-shaped, double-L-shaped and U-shaped. Today, we mainly share the U-green box virtual studio lighting design to you.

led surface panel light

In the stage lighting design, the U-shaped green box consists of three walls and one bottom. We need to make sure the three wall have the same illumination and uniform light, which can help make the video better in the later stage. Therefore, when designing the studio's face light, side light, top light and background light, best led light panel video should be selected. The 220w Led video panel light is more uniform and soft, and the opposite surface illumination effect is well. SkyPanel versions are fully tuneable; correlated color temperature is adjustable between 3000 K and 6000 K.

Meanwhile, in order to eliminate the contour, the led soft light can be designed on the ground to increase the illumination, which can eliminate the shadow effect.

The important part of the virtual studio lighting design is the studio backlight design, also known as the studio contour light, which affects the whole effect of the combination of the characters behind the studio and the real scene. If the studio backlight is not properly operated, it will cause defects. Like the character's virtual side or the image is not clean. Therefore, in the virtual studio lighting design, the number of backlights must be increased. It is necessary to use LED Fresnel Spotlights with high illumination.

The studio lighting design mainly uses portable LED video panel light and Led fresnel spotlight. The face light, metering, top light, background light to select the panel video led with large light-emitting area and even light and soft light. In addition, 300W stage Led Fresnel spotlight with high illumination is used for backlighting. The size of the studio determines the number of fixtures used.

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