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What’s the Feature of 220W Led Video Panel Light

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Start from The One Studio to produce Led studio light, The One Studio has develop several kinds of Led Soft Panel Light, such as 896pcs led video panel light, 1500pcs led video panel light, 432pcs*0.5W led video panel light, 220W led video panel light and so on.


Today, I want to introduce our latest 220W led Soft panel light, our led video panel light is similar with arri's sky panel, but our video panel lights have our own feature, and we design the program by ourselves, it is unique.


There is 1920pcs LEDs on the LED panel light, and each LED is 0.2W. So 220W led soft panel light is a new design technology improvement for other kind of led panel light. With lightweight, Thin, High brightness and High CRI. And this panel light equipped with diffuser board, uniformity of light spot, not dazzling.


On the back case, we use LCD with touch screen, convenient to operate and control the 220w led video panel light. There is tow knob behind on the display, one is for dimmer, the dimmer is from 0-100%, customers can change the data of dimmer from touch the knob. Another knob is for adjusting color temperature from 3000K to 6000K, sure, customers also can choose suitable color temperature as they need, such as 4100K, 5200K and so on.

LCD touch screen of video panel light


And there is four menu on the display, clients can change the dimmer and color temperature on the display. And when enter Setting menu, the panel light can change the dimmer frequency from 500Hz to 25000Hz, dimmer smoothly, flick free. And most improtantly is we design the led video panel light RDM control, 4 kinds dimmer curve: Standard, Incandescent, Linear, Quick. Clients can choose the suitable dimmer curve based on the occasion.

led panel light

200w Led video panel light

The last, the power supply we use is MEAN WELL. And we choose a silent fan for cooling, it's very quiet and hardly to hear any voice. Based on these features, the led video panel light is very suitable for using in Film, Television Shooting, Studio, advertising  photography and so on.


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