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What is the function of led soft panel light?

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led soft panel

LED soft panel light can be divided into studio LED soft panel light, conference room LED soft panel light and LED outdoor shooting soft light. LED soft panel light is mainly used in studios, video conference rooms, recording classrooms, outdoor interviews, stage theaters and other scenes that require professional video shooting.

studio lighting

                                         Studio lighting

The most commonly used scene of LED soft panel light is studio lighting, such as TV station studios, campus studios, etc., which are generally used as the background light, top light, side light and surface light of the studio. Studio LED soft panel lights generally use external LED soft light, the brightness of the lamp is adjustable, which can be adjusted manually or by international DMX512 signal control.

conference room lighting

                          Video conference room lighting

The video conference room involves video shooting, so the requirements for lighting are very high. Ordinary civil lighting can't meet the shooting needs of the video conference room at all, so you need to choose a professional LED soft panel light. Since the top of the video conference room has a ceiling, and many have a top shape, it is more appropriate to choose an embedded conference room LED panel light. At the same time, the surface light of the video conference room needs to be adjusted in angle and brightness. Adjust the angle and brightness of the lamps according to the different forms of the shooting leader to highlight the image characteristics of the leader.

LED Soft panel light with low light decay value, stable color temperature, uniform illuminance, long life and many advantages

soft lighting

LED Soft panel light with low light decay value, stable color temperature, uniform illuminance, long life and many advantages


Its nature is relatively stable, and its light beam fully meets the color temperature requirements of the camera. During the dimming process, its light-emitting color temperature will not change with brightness changes, so the color temperature of the shot pictures is stable, the details are clear, and the colors are vivid


The light-emitting area is large, the illuminance is uniform, and it is projected on the subject without scattered shadows, so the difficulty of lighting is relatively reduced. Moreover, because of its soft light, it is very delicate when irradiated on the face of the person, making the subject feel very comfortable, and the captured picture also has a more natural, softer, and closer to real life effect. The effect is exactly what our majority of TV lighting workers strive for


High luminous efficiency, economic and energy saving. The soft panel light only emits visible light and hardly emits light in other spectrums such as infrared, so it hardly emits heat. It is a veritable "cold light source"


Make the studio environment more comfortable. Because the cold light source overcomes the shortcomings of high temperature radiation generated by the hot light source, even if the light is turned on for a long time, you will not feel any changes in the temperature of the studio, and the light emitted is soft and not dazzling. 

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