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What is the different between warm white and cool white led lights?

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Warm White and Cool White are measured on a Kelvin scale, represented by the letter‘K’. Warm White is around 3000K and Cool White is around 5000K-6000K. Warm White is a low color temperature and has a very warm, yellow tone to it. Warm White is a very similar color temperature to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Cool White on the other hand is a high colour temperature and is a very bright, clean, white light. Cool White is a very similar colour to natural daylight. 


On the area of led studio light, different occasion will use different color temperature led studio light, such as led profile light, led video soft panel light, led fresnel spotlight, and all of them have different color temperature.- warm white or cool white. When we recommend color temperature to our clients we generally recommend Warm White for warm and soft occasion and Cool white for hard and bright occasion. The reason behind this is that warm white is a much more relaxing, calm light, and warm white will reduce the appearance of your imperfections and will soften your skin tone. Whereas cool white is a very bright light that can improve concentration.


Different occasion use different color temperature, let's show with you!

led leko light 2

Warm White:

Firstly, is the music concert, they use led leko ellipsoidal lights, they performance solf music, combine the music, they will design the stage with warm white lights, that will show soft atmosphere and will make the audience feel relax.

led soft panel light

Cool white:

Secondly, I will show you the studio room which use led soft light. when need to see the real color of objects or the details of what people is doing, it need to use the cool white color, this helps you see details more clearly.


Will you want to know your occasion use warm white or cool white? Just contact us--The One Studio.

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