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What is the difference between Spotlight and Floodlight

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On the stage or other ocasion, usually will use spotlight and floodlight, but what is the different between spotlight and floodlight? Basically, spotlight and floodlight are two types of light patterns. This“pattern”refers to how light is projected. For The One Studio fresnel stage lighting, the degree is from 15-50degree, so we call 15degree spotlight and 50degree flood light.


To help you understand the difference, we need to introduce a concept called “beam angle” or “beam pattern.” Beam angle or pattern is a measurement of the angles formed between a cone of led lights for studio’s brightest point (the center) and the points on both sides of the center where the light’s intensity is 50 percent as bright.

led fresnel spotlight 2 


Theater stage spotlight are usually designed for highlighting specific small areas or points, like the people, wall artwork, landscape features, or architectural details in one direction, it can make the light focus in one special thing. If you need to see far away, a spotlight will project a longer, narrow beam of illumination. Basically, we can often find such lights in theaters, stage, or other applications where focused light is demanded.


Theatre floodlight allows you to see a wider area at a closer distance. Therefore, when you want to illuminate larger areas like the whole stage, the whole TV room, the studio room or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage, a floodlight can be an ideal choice, because it can cover more surface area.


In a word, led studio fresnel spotlight is use in the small occasion which can show the special thing, and stage floodlight is use for wide area, such as the whole stage, which can show the whole occasion.


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