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What is the best studio video panel lighting for photography

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If you are finding some lighting equipment for the photography room use, then we are so glad to tell you that The One Studio can help you about this !


As a professional photography studio room, sometimes you need to go outside for the job, and you can use the natural sunlight for shooting. It's very convenient ! But sometimes, the shooting is held inside the room or in the dark environment, so you will need some professional studio light panel.


In the studio room and photography room, you can commonly see a lot of other lighting, such as tungsten lamp, sodium discharge lamp, fluorescent lamp, tricolor lighting and studio fresnel spotlight so on. With so many different light, which are the best kind of studio video light ? That’s the subject we are gonna talking about today !

video camera led light panel

Due to the different source, the lighting effect will be different. According to the photographer's request, the color of early morning sun is little cool, and the midday sun is hard white, when sunset, the color is little warm. So it's important to know how to choose the correct light source.


Here are some points for choosing the studio video panel light:


1. Choose the light with dimmer.

We need to design the lighting cycle according to the distance or scene. Getting the brightest is not the best, because sometimes we need to use the bigger lighting cycle. So it’s better to choose the light which have the DMX signal to change the dimmer from 0 ~ 100%. So we can get the idea brightness accordingly.


2. Product with Led tech.

If you still use the traditional bulb for the photography lighting, then i will suggest you change it as soon! Because it’s a tendency that place the bulb with the LED lamp. As the led tech development, now there are more and more clients use LED lighting, they are more energy saving and with longer life time. So you can save much money and time from repairing.


3. Lights should be portable and conveniently for carry.

Sometimes the shooting location is outside, and you need to considerate the weather ! So it's better that your lights are with IP 65 waterproof function, and it must not be too heavy, easy for carrying. Also if the lights are with the collapsible battery powered, then it will be more easy for using.


4. With changeable color temperature.

When we simulate the day light and sun light, we need to change our led color into warm white or cool white, but the lighting color of traditional lamp can not be changed. So it’s important for us to use the led lamp and let them color adjustable. In old LED tech, the color temperature of led just 3200K or 5600K. But now we have the led photo light panel from 3000 ~ 6000K adjustable. We can change the color according to the needs.


Here please let me introduce our The One Studio product of 220W dimmable led video light, it's with LCD touch screen, 4 kinds of dimmer curve and changeable dimmer frequency from 500~25K HZ. With so much powerful function. We used the origin sealed imported Led of Samsung, the CRI is over 92 with long life time. And to protect the lighting power, we choose the famous brand of Mean Well for the power supply.

portable led lights for video


For more information on lighting products, please contact us to explain your needs.

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