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What is studio lighting used for

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When talk about stage light, may be all people know it, but when talk about studio lighting, just some of them know it. Today, let’s talk about what is studio lighting and what is studio lighting used for.


Actually, studio lighting is one part of stage light, stage light including par light, moving head light, wall washer light, studio light and so on. And studio light also including led profile spotlight, led fresnel spotlight, led soft panel light, led blinder light, studio COB par light and so on.  


Studio lighting is an essential addition to most photographers’ arsenal. It allows us to create natural lighting effects in a variety of situations, and is far more controllable than a flashgun. And, with so many options available nowadays, it doesn’t have to be confined to a studio.


Now we know what is studio lighting, but what studio lighting use for? Most people know led stage light, because they are widely use on the stage. But few people know studio lighting and know what studio lighting use for which occasion, studio lighting is usually used for studio, such as studio room, museum, TV-station... Both these occation require the studio light with high brightness and high CRI.


Here we show you the sample occasion of using led studio lighting, which we use studio lighting for photograpy. As we all know, for photography or for video, must require the studio lights with high CRI, hight CRI can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones, so they look great in person and on camera. Also, the studio light must flick free, and not scan line. If take the photo or the video, it show the flick or scan line on the photo or video, that is an disqualified image or video, all people will not like it and past it directly. Just as when we watching TV program or a movie, if the image flick all the time and have much scan line on it, you will not want to watch it, so it will affect the ratings. So it will determine the TV program or the movie is failed. Why we take so much time and much money to take the movie? We just want to show good effect to the audience. So it must do the best. For photography, we can use led soft video panel light and fresnel light, both these lights has high CRI, flicker free and no scan line.

 studio light

Sure, except using led studio light for photography, it also can use on other special occasion, such as TV news, concert, recording studio and some other TV program. Next time, we will show you another occasion about using led studio stage light.


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