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What is The Fresnel Spotlight?

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What is the Led Fresnel spotlight ?

Fresnel spot light as a common studio lighting fixture, it's widely used in the studio news room, stage, movie and television photography. The Fresnel light adopts high quality aluminium alloy housing and reasonable lighting effect. With the advantage of small size, light weight, soft light and uniform spot, adjustable zoom scale and so on. Fresnel spotlight can be used for the large area lighting and special shooting, is also suitable for lighting the character & stage property in the stage and broadcast. With its high bright, narrow spot and conveniently to focus on the target, Led Fresnel spotlight is one of the most used lighting in the photo studio.

led fresnel spotlight tv

In the TV studio room, the most important use of the Led fresnel stage lighting is to project the light into the host’s eyes. A while circle of light is reflected on the pupil, make the host looks more smart and charming. On the contrary, the host will look dark and lifeless. In stage, the Fresnel light is for scene illumination, it help to make some uniform and round spot for the special object and people.

THE ONE STUDIO is a professional China LED Fresnel light manufacturer and supplier, we engaged in manufacturing professional Fresnel Spotlight & Stage Lighting, who has about 5 years experience for the LED tech for studio light.

For more information on lighting products, please contact us to explain your needs.

led fresnel stage lighting

Compared with the traditional fresnel light, the led fresnel can control the dimmer, color temperature, spot scale. So it can meet the demand for the different environment.

For the development of the tech, now we have a new model of fresnel video light which is with waterproof function. It's a brand new lighting in our factory !

200W Waterproof Folding Led Fresnel Spotlight for Theatre

fresnel lights for photography

1.Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra≥95

2.Power Supply Brand: MEAN WELL

3.Zoom: 20~55 degree

4.Dimmer Curve: 4 kinds (Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode and Linear mode)

5.Dimmer Frequency: 500~25K HZ

6.Connector: NEUTRIK

7.Display: LCD with touch control

8.IP grade: IP 65 waterproof

fresnel led video lights

In the past, owning a high output fresnel HMI light was an expensive proposition. So most of the clients just rental them when they need to use it. As the development of led fresnel spotlight is fast, Led tech become more and more mature, the newest generation of LED fresnels are capable of achieving the same levels of brightness, but with less than a third of the power consumption. 

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