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What is LED Video Panel Light?

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What is LED Video Panel Light?

What is the led video panel light and where should we use the video panel light for?

That’s a very important issue for our clients! You need to know the advantage of this kind of soft light, then you will know why you always can find such panel lights in the studio room.

Led Panel lighting for video is a new lighting equipment in the market for these few years ! And there are many kinds of lighting fixture you can see in the studio room, such as Led Fresnel spotlight, embedded LED soft light, tungsten tricolor lighting and so on. But why are there always LED video panel light?

led video panel

As the Led soft light (video panel light) has the following advantages:

1.It’s with the LED tech

2.With long life time over 50,000 hours

3.It is 50% energy-efficient than traditional tri-color fluorescent lights. 

4.You can control the portable Led video panel light with DMX signal, very convenient to change the dimmer. 

5.The light of Led panel light is very soft, uniform, can be used for ceiling light, side light, top light and back ground light.

What’s more, another limited factor are about the color temperature and the color rendering index. 

At the beginning of development of LED tech for video panel light, there is just the bi-color of 3200K and 5600K for all the lighting fixture, as time went by, the led tech is became mature, so now we can make it in multi color temperature from 3000~6000K. 

For THE ONE STUDIO TH-326 220W led video panel, it’s with 1920 pieces imported led for the light source, keep the lighting effect brightly with high CRI over 95. Also there are 4 kind of dimmer curve for you to choose, the dimmer frequency is 500~25K HZ adjustable, no any strobe, that means it’s very suitable for the professional photography, camera. Also we use the Mean Well power supply for power, can protect the power very well.

led light panel for video

As its brilliant lighting effect, high efficient and energy saving, high CRI and convenient install, with the help of different method of installation, now the video panel light become more and more popular in the TV studio room, campus TV show, recording room, lecture hall and so on.

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