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What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

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Most people know led stage lights because they are widely used on the stage. But few people know about led studio lighting, and do not know what kind of occasions led studio lighting is usually used, such as studios, museums and TV stations. These occasions require high brightness and high CRI led studio lights.

  • What is led studio light?

  • What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

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What is led studio light?

In fact, led studio lights are a part of stage lights, including par lights, mobile headlights, wall cleaning lights, studio lights, etc. Led studio lights also include LED profile spotlight, led Fresnel spotlight, LED soft panel light, LED flash, studio cob par light, etc. Studio lighting is essential to most photographers' arsenal. It allows us to create natural light effects in various situations and is more controllable than flash. Moreover, there are so many choices now that it doesn't have to be limited to the studio. Now we know what studio lighting is, but what is the purpose of led studio lighting?

We use studio lighting for photography. As we all know, for photography or video, led studio lights must be required to have a high CRI. High CRI can be adjusted to perfectly illuminate individual skin color. So they look great both personally and on the camera. In addition, led studio lights must not flash. If a photo or video is taken, it will display flick or scan line on the photo or video, which is an unqualified image or video. Just like when we watch TV programs or movies, if there are a lot of flick or scan lines in the image, it will affect the ratings. Therefore, it must do its best. For photography, we can use LED soft video panel lamp and Fresnel lamp, both of which have high CRI, no flicker and no scan line.

What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

Led studio light is widely used in most scenes because of its high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and multi-function.In addition to using led studio lights for photography, many project companies will use led studio lights in weddings, conference rooms, TV interviews, concerts, recording studios, galleries, museums and other scenes.

For example, led spotlights in led studio lights will be used in galleries. Glare is one of the important factors affecting the lighting comfort of Art Museum. When the exhibits are mainly pictures on the wall and sculptures in the exhibition space center, the works of art on the wall can be illuminated by the key lighting provided by the LED spotlight provided by the wall lighting equipment.

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