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What are the use scenarios of LED ellipsoidal lights?

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LED ellipsoidal light is a common light source in theater. An elliptical beam has a clear beam. The focus knob and the adjustable lens barrel of the water tank can be used to focus the beam to adjust the edge of the beam. Led ellipsoidal illumination usually has a gel frame and a template slot for gobos, making it a general lighting option for positioning and placing discrete patterns on the stage. Led oval lights have many options, so you can choose many beam angles or where to place the oval lights in the theater.

  • What are the applications of LED ellipsoidal lights?

  • How to use the LED ellipsoidal light?

What are the applications of LED ellipsoidal lights?

LED ellipsoidal light is a kind of led stage theater lighting, which can produce clear boundary spots or projection. It is equipped with 4 shutters and pattern support. This LED ellipsoidal light can be like the stage cutting light. It can cut the light spot into various shapes, such as squares, diamonds, triangles and so on. It can also project various patterns as needed. This LED ellipsoidal light is usually used for close-up lighting of stage objects and characters, as well as stage surface lighting equipment.

The traditional ellipsoidal light adopts international professional HPL bulb, which improves the brightness by 45% and saves electricity by 40%. However, cob LED is widely used in ellipsoidal lights. The light source adopts 150W / 200W / 300W COB led, which is equivalent to ordinary incandescent light in color and brightness. Long distance projection, high-precision optical system and high power can bring twice the luminous flux anywhere in the performance venue. You can choose according to your needs. Compared with the traditional tungsten filament ellipsoidal light, all colors are more transparent, the subtle changes of color can be truly presented, the light spot is uniform, the cutting light is clear, and the boundary has no stray light. It is generally used in large theatres, TV stations, press conferences and other occasions.

How to use the LED ellipsoidal light?

When installing the LED ellipsoidal light, do not expose the fixture to overheating, humidity or excessive dust. Do not lay the power cord of LED ellipsoidal light on the floor, otherwise it may cause electric shock to people. Before installing the fixture, ensure that the installation position is in a good and safe state. When installing the fixture, make sure to place the safety chain and check whether the screws are tightened correctly. Make sure that the LED ellipsoidal light is in good condition. If there is any damage or serious scratch, it is recommended to replace the unit. Ensure that the fixture is operated by qualified personnel familiar with the fixture before use. If a second shipment is required, please keep the original packaging. Do not attempt to replace the fixture without the instruction of the manufacturer or the designated maintenance organization. If the LED ellipsoidal light fails due to non-compliance with the user manual or any illegal operation, it will not be covered by the warranty.

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