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What are the functions of LED ellipsoidal light?

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LED ellipsoidal light is a common theater light source. LED ellipsoidal light has a clear beam. The focusing knob of the water tank and the adjustable lens barrel can be used to focus the beam to adjust the edge of the beam. LED ellipsoidal light usually has a gel frame and a template slot for gobos, making it a general lighting option for positioning and placing discrete patterns on the stage. LED ellipsoidal light has many beam angles to choose from, and you can also choose where to place LED ellipsoidal light in the theater.

  • What are the components of LED ellipsoidal lights?

  • What are the functions of LED ellipsoidal lights?

What are the components of LED ellipsoidal lights?

LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight is composed of lamp shell, power supply, driving board, main panel, cooling fan, led and lens.

The LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight shell is made of high-quality die-casting aluminum, and the style is designed by the manufacturer.

The power supply of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight adopts domestic well-known brands. Suppliers provide us with the most stable power supply. The driving board and main board of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight are made by ourselves with strict quality control. We have special engineers to design software. Our LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight has four dimming curves: standard mode, incandescent mode, fast mode and near mode.

LED is imported from Japan to provide us with the most stable LED color temperature. The service life of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight exceeds 50000 hours. The color temperature is very stable between 3200K and 5600k, and the optical elements are also designed by ourselves. The excellent optical system adopts imported led.

These high-quality components constitute our LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.

What are the functions of LED ellipsoidal lights?

The LED ellipsoidal light is equipped with 4 louvers and formwork support. This LED ellipsoidal light can be like a stage cutting light. It can cut light spots into various shapes, such as squares, diamonds, triangles, etc. it can also project various patterns as needed. This LED ellipsoidal light is usually used for close-up lighting of stage objects and characters, as well as stage surface lighting equipment. Compared with the traditional tungsten ellipsoidal lamp, all colors of LED ellipsoidal light are more transparent, which can truly show the subtle changes of color, with uniform light spot, clear cutting light and no stray light at the boundary. It is usually used in large theatres, television stations, press conferences and other occasions.

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