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What are the functions and benefits of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

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This LED Fresnel light is named after the French engineer who invented the lighthouse technology in the early 19th century. In the past few years, LED technology has made great progress.

  • What are the functions of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

  • What are the benefits of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

What are the functions of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

The size, weight and power consumption of computer lights are not comparable to LED Fresnel stage lighting. This is one of the reasons why spotlights are not as convenient as LED Fresnel stage lighting. The volume and weight of computer light are very large, which affects its application in theater floor lighting. The power of computer lights is higher than that of LED Fresnel stage lighting, and consumes more power. Soft lights in some theaters can't provide such high power. Separate wiring is either not standard or unsafe. These problems in the use of computer lights make it impossible to compare with LED Fresnel stage lighting when used as surface white light. There are factors affecting the use, such as position movement and automatic defoaming. Therefore, LED Fresnel stage lighting has its unique advantages and advantages in theater performance.

What are the benefits of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

Compared with tungsten light and HMI light, the maintenance cost of LED Fresnel stage lighting is almost zero, because you do not need to buy new bulbs, and the service life of LED Fresnel stage lighting engine is about 200 times that of tungsten light. LED Fresnel stage lighting is a fairly simple tool for movie scenes and can be mastered quickly. They are light sources of different sizes and intensities and can be used as LED Fresnel stage lighting or soft video lights. The device itself is a light with different wattage, which is located on the movable track behind the Fresnel lens and in front of the spherical reflector. The mirror directs most of the light to the Fresnel lens, which turns the illumination into a beam. Trust me, they are easier to use than I just explained. LED Fresnel stage lighting is also suitable for shooting products that need to illuminate relatively small and fixed props from a distance. As mentioned earlier, many movie stages have a ceiling tube grid filled with suspended LED Fresnel stage lighting and other lights, usually controlled by a light panel. Although LED Fresnel stage lighting, especially the colors produced by early models, are not very popular with many people, they consume much less power, keep cool, and can be dimmed in a single device or switched between sunlight and tungsten. LED Fresnel stage lighting is famous for its directional light that can produce hard and clear shadows. Another good feature is that when you turn it off, the light remembers the output level when it was last turned on. If you turn off the light, take a break for lunch, and then come back and turn it on, it's very convenient. Even if you move the brightness knob, it will reopen at the same level as when you left it.

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