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What are the features of Led Fresnel Light

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LED fresnel lights are versatile lighting fixtures commonly used in photography, film production, and stage lighting. They offer several features that make them popular among professionals. Here are some typical features of them: led fresnel lights feature a Fresnel lens, which allows for the adjustment of the beam angle. The lens consists of concentric grooves that focus and shape the light output. By adjusting the lens, you can achieve a wide flood or a narrow spot beam, providing flexibility in lighting setups. The zooming scale for most fresnel light are 15-50°, such as our class model TH-340 150w/200w/300w led fresnel spotlight with zoom. And our mini fresnel light is from 35°to 50°, meet your different requirements. LED Fresnel lights utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. LEDs offer several advantages, including high energy efficiency, long lifespan, low heat emission, and a wide color temperature range. LED Fresnel consume significantly less power compared to traditional tungsten Fresnel lights while maintaining high-quality light output.

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LED Fresnel lights often feature adjustable light intensity or dimming capabilities. All of our fresnel light are 16 bit dimmer with DMX control. This enables precise control over the amount of light emitted, allowing you to create the desired lighting effects and adapt to different shooting conditions. In the meanwhile many LED Fresnel lights come with adjustable color temperature settings. This feature allows you to switch between different color temperatures, such as daylight (cool) or tungsten (warm), bi-color, 3000-6000k adjustable, RGBW, RGBAL 5in1( 2700 to 12000K CCT), to match the ambient lighting or achieve specific artistic effects. LED Fresnel lights are generally lightweight and compact compared to their traditional counterparts. This makes them portable and easy to handle, facilitating on-location shoots and setups in confined spaces. All of THE ONE STUDIO LED Fresnel lights support DMX (Digital Multiplex) protocol, which allows for remote control and integration with lighting control systems. DMX compatibility enables precise control over multiple lights simultaneously, making them suitable for stage productions and complex lighting setups. Some of our lights also are compatible for RDM control, such as our hot-sale 600w Bi-color LED Fresnel Spotlight with zoom.


LED Fresnel lights incorporate efficient heat management systems to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs. This ensures safe operation, extended LED lifespan, and reduces the risk of accidental burns when handling the lights. LED Fresnel lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming considerably less power compared to traditional incandescent or tungsten Fresnel lights. This translates into cost savings and reduced environmental impact. LED Fresnel lights operate silently, without the noise typically associated with cooling fans or other mechanical components. This is particularly advantageous in scenarios where quiet environments are required, such as film sets, theaters, or live performances. To satisfy the market, these two years, we have launched a series fan-less led fresnel light, including 100w/200w/300w fanless led fresnel light. LED Fresnel lights often offer compatibility with various accessories and modifiers, such as barn doors, gels, diffuser, and snoots. These accessories allow for further light control, shaping, and diffusion, enabling the creation of specific lighting effects. If you are happen to looking for some led fresnel light for theater or your studio, pls feel free to contact our sales team any time!

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