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What are the advantages of led video panel light?

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In recent years, with the continuous development of LED module development technology, LED video panel light have been widely used in many different conference occasions. Among them, the LED soft panel light is widely used in theaters and meeting rooms in different cities due to its improved light efficiency and color rendering index. It has become an important lighting tool for theaters, meeting rooms and multi-function halls. The following 6 advantages of led studio video light of THE ONE STUDIO lighting.

1. The light is soft and even

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In terms of physical structure, led video panel lights have the same characteristics as three-primary fluorescent lamps, which are scattered light. At present, the light emitting mode of the LED soft panel light is mainly an LED light emitting diode array, and a soft light plate is added on the surface of the lamp. The light emitted is soft and even. The light-emitting area can be controlled through the cover and honeycomb panel in front of the lamp to avoid the scattering of stray light (commonly known as "wild light"). It can meet the requirements of uniform light distribution and soft skin tone of characters in key programs.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The basic principle of LED light emission is that after a forward bias voltage is applied across the PN junction, holes and free electrons move to form an internal electric field; then, the newly injected holes and free electrons recombine, and recombination will use photons In the form of releasing excess energy, this is the light emitted by the LED that the user sees. The light-emitting principle of LED determines that its energy conversion efficiency is very high. In theory, it saves energy by nearly 90% compared with traditional tungsten halogen lamps and by 50% compared with three-primary soft lights. The energy-saving effect is very significant.

3. Long life time

The filaments of traditional tungsten halogen lamps are fragile, and LEDs use solid-state semiconductor chips to convert electrical energy into light energy, which is more durable and can withstand high-intensity mechanical shocks. Under normal use, the life time of Led video Light  is up to 50,000 hours, which reduces the replacement of lamps and other maintenance work in a certain sense.

4. High luminous efficiency

In theory, the luminous efficiency of white LED can reach nearly 300lm/W. If it is compared with other light sources according to the luminous efficiency of 150 lm/W, the luminous efficiency of LED is 11.5 times that of incandescent lamps (luminous efficiency is 131 lm/W under the same conditions), which is higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp that is generally considered to have the highest luminous efficiency. (132 lm/W) is even higher.

5. Pure light color

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LEDs have demonstrated their absolute advantages in light color. At present, the color LED products on the market can already cover the entire visible spectrum range, and at the same time have the characteristics of good monochromaticity and high purity. With the development of LED light sources, its color rendering index has gradually increased. The improvement of the color rendering index makes the LED flat lamp close to or even surpasses the traditional three-primary fluorescent lamp to restore the skin color of the character, and meets the requirements of the character's light in the occasional lighting.

6. Less radiation heat

Although LED chips cannot convert all electrical energy into light energy at present, due to the PN junction light-emitting characteristics of the LED light source, its infrared heat radiation is smaller than traditional tungsten halogen lamps and computer lights, and it is a cold light source. So that the host avoids the high temperature roasting and scorching heat under the light.

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THE ONE STUDIO has different types of led video panel light with different power , including 300w faneless RGBYW full color Led video light which you can adjust the color temperature from 2700-8000K, and 220W bi-color led professional video lighting, also we has 100W portable video lighting. Which led video panel light that you like ? Welcome to conact us for more informations. Thank you!

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