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What Kind of Stage LED Leko Light Should I Buy?

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As a commonly equipment in stage lighting, the stage led leko light play an important part in the field of performance lighting. For customers, it’s very important to know what kind of stage led leko spotlight is good for using !


Today we The One Studio is going to share some points for you to choosing a perfect stage ellipsoidal led spotlight for different place, such as stage, theater, opera house, TV studio room and so on.

stage led leko spotlight

Here are the main factors for a good led profile stage light:

1. Imported Led lamp.

It’s better for a light for using the imported led, origin seal in Japan, Korea or Taiwan. With the imported led lamp, the life time is over 50,000 hours, and the initial light kept in 6,000 hours.

2. High bright but soft lighting & uniform spot effect.

The lighting effect should be bright but with in soft effect, if the lighting effect is not enough, then the stage will become dark, but if it’s not soft, then it will become too bright for the people to open their eyes.

3. High CRI and pure color temperature.

With the high CRI, it can help to make people looks great on camera. And for the color temperature, one of the advantage for bi-color stage led profile light is that you can use the same fixture in different place, such as in stage you can choose for warm white, and for TV show, catwalk, you can change it into cool white. You do not need to purchase the new fixture, just use the same one. So it can help you save much budget.

4. Changeable frequency & dimming curve.

We have a very powerful software, now our light can change the dimmer frequency from 500 ~ 25 K. Also there are 4 kinds of dimmer curve for client’s choose: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode, Linear mod. So there is flicker free when shooting.

For more information on lighting products, please contact us to explain your needs.

stage led leko spotlight

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