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What Are the Functions of Stage Fresnel Spotlight

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LED Stage Fresnel Spotlights are essential for the stage and studio. Now let's share with you what is the function of the LED spotlight.

stage fresnel spotlight

Firstly, the advantages of the stage LED Fresnel Spotlight are Thin, Portability, Flexibility, Durability, Intelligent, Uniform spot and large spot adjustment range. It is used for special lighting in large-area lighting and special effects shooting, as well as lighting of people and set props. Stage Fresnel Lights can also be used as surface lighting. The function of LED Soft Spotlights is actually various. Since the color temperature, spot and illumination of Studio LED Spotlights can be controlled, it can meet the requirements of users in various occasions. 

Stage led fresnel

The One Studio’s Stage Led Fresnel Spotlight adopts high CRI (Color Rendering Index), high power LED module as light-emitting element, adopts aspherical optical concentrating system, with high-quality Fresnel lens, and high luminous efficiency, good color rendering over 95, low glare value and 50,000 hours long life time, etc., It’s normal used in TV stations, Studios, Theaters, Electric Classrooms, Various conference rooms, Multi-purpose halls and so on. Compared with the traditional spotlight, with the same optical performance, and continues the necessary focusing system, barndoor and other functions of the professional Fresnel Spotlight.

For the Stage Fresnel Spotlight of our factory, we have the advantage as below:

1. Waterproof LED Folding Fresnel Spotlight with 200W

2. High CRI, Ra≥95, High Power Led lamp

3. Collapsible focusing system by the knob (focusable beam from 20 to 55 degrees)

4. 3200K or 5600K,  3IN1,4IN1 Versions

5. Water Resistant IP65 Rated With Neutrik 4 and 5-pins XLR chassis connector

6. Silent cooling system, very quiet and hardly to hear any voice

7. Use the MEAN WELL Power Supply

8. Thin, Durability, Flexibility and Intelligent housing design

9. 4 kinds of perfect dimmer curve (dimmer frequency from 500 ~ 25 K)

10. Outdoor Photography, News Gathering, TV Room, Broadcasting Studio

led soft fresnel light

For more information on lighting products, please contact us to explain your needs. Thanks!

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