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Wedding lighting application

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Wedding lighting

Wedding lights are generally divided into functional lights, ambient lights, and effect lights.

Functional light: For a wedding held in hotel, functional light is very important. From the face light, side light, and backlighting required for the new couple to enter the door, the lights must be distributed in every place where they walks in the wedding process,this is the functional light. Ambient light: What kind of atmosphere is needed and what color system is needed. Generally speaking, it must follow the opinions of new couple, favorite colors and changes, and the overall feeling for guests is warm and romantic, not exaggerated and pretentious, so the color must not be used too muchEffect light: it is to used computer lights, effect lights according to the rhythm of the scene, and the process can match the effect of the atmosphere. The use of this kind of light just according to the lighting engineers idea. Differentt lighting engineer have different idea.


The following is an introduction to commonly used in wedding lights:

1. Led profile spot light

Led profile spot light can obtain lights with narrow beam, strong sense of direction and clear edge. The smaller its beam angle, the farther the illumination range. The clear beam of the led profie light is very suitable for creating the beam of characters in the dark field and the beams that want to highlight the performance such as table flowers and road guides. It can also put GOBO inside like a computer moving head light to form a pattern. The One Studio 600W Bi-color led profile light are used a lot in the wedding. High power 600 W COB LED ,with both 300W warm white and 300W cool white,adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. Can meet the needs of different wedding occasions.


2. Face light

Led fresnel spotlight is usually used as a face light in wedding lightings, and its light spot is relatively soft, which is suitable for a more uniform and soft lighting effect. The 600W Led Fresnel Light is a high-power Fresnel-style fixture utilizing efficient warm white + cool white LED system to project a bright, beautifully soft, high CRI (95) field of light ideal for Wedding.

3. Follow spot light

Follow spot light is the most common light in weddings. It is a type of light that can be manually operated to follow the new couple or host. It can be placed in any position, and the shutter can change the aperture and adjust the spot size. In some places with relatively large venues, the light position of the chasing light from the diagonally upwards will be more conducive to its function.

These are commonly used lights in weddings, of course, there are many more not listed, such as moving head lights, computer dyeing lights, audience lights and so on.

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