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Traditional Soft Light VS Led Soft Light

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If you are in the business field of Led Studio Light, then you must know about the led soft light !

It's a very commonly lighting equipment in the studio room, broadcast room, meeting room, lecture hall and photography room and so on. 

In the past, we have these soft video light in traditional bulb, the halogen lamp for the equipment. As the development of time and Led technologist, the engineer have completed the tech for the lighting equipment and make it mature, now more and more clients will choose the Led soft light panel to replace the traditional ones. 

Here I will introduce some advantage for the led soft video light which the traditional ones do not show:

1.Lighting body size: The led soft panel light size is much smaller than the traditional ones, it can save much area.

2.Power: With lower power but high luminous efficiency. The Led Power is 100W, 120W and 200W, but it can replace the traditional lamp in 575W, 750W even 1000W. The power consumption for the whole light is 50% - 70% much lower than traditional ones.

3.Life time: The incandescent light is 1,000 hours, the traditional soft light is 10,000 hours, but with the help of Led tech, the led soft light can be 50,000 hours. It’s fifty fold of incandescent light and five fold of traditional soft light. It can help to save a lot of time and money for repair and maintain the equipment.

flat panel video led soft light

4.Dimming: With the help of Led tech, the bi color led soft light can change the dimming and color temperature by DMX512 signal. You can control the lights by the button on the light or the controller. So it’s conveniently for you to adjust the brightness accordingly. Also you can choose the color from 3000K ~ 6000K. 

5.Color index rate: We can order the exactly CRI data, in 90, 92, 95 even 97. With high CRI, their temperatures and tints can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones, so they look great in person and on camera.

best led soft light panel video

You can check with below model of dimmable led soft panel light:

1.High CRI Portable 896 Pcs Led Soft Light for Video

2.432x0.5W IP65 Led Soft Panel Light for Photography

3.Professional Bi-color Soft Dimmable Studio Video Panel Light

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