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The stage lighting design of multi-functional hall

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The stage lighting design of the multi-functional hall generally refers to various scenarios such as meeting, discussion report, press release, lecture, multimedia teaching & training, and entertainment movie playback. It is similar to the performance stage lighting design, but there are certain differences. The multi functional hall pays more attention to the brightness, while the stage pays more attention to the performance effect. 


*Face Lighting Design: The stage surface light of the multi-function hall generally adopts key projection, because it is usually used for meetings, reports, lectures, and training, so it is necessary to strengthen the lighting of these key areas. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the size and distance of the multi-function hall for light projection and lighting, to ensure that the effect of surface light projection is achieved, the illuminance is bright enough, the light spots are even and soft, and the people's faces are illuminated clearly and shiny. In this way, we can consider adopt fresnel spotlight. *Top Light and Back Light Design: The ceiling light of the multi-functional hall set above the ceiling. Usually there is a ceiling light every 1.2M-2.0M. We can use led soft panel as the top light, The One Studio offer many kinds of models for your choice, among these options, 300W is the most popular for customers. Currently more and more multi-functional hall prefer adopt embedded soft panel, can adjust the angle with DMX control. For the back light, usually is fresnel and civil lighting combine together.


*Side Light Design: The shooting distance of the side light is from near to far, and the projection angle is also from near to far. There are many changes. The modeling light from one or both sides can emphasize and highlight the contour of the side, suitable for embossing, characters etc. It has the effect of volume. Unilateral light can show a stronger effect of yin and yang. The double-side light can express the plywood light with individual characteristics, but the light ratio of the front auxiliary light and the side light needs to be adjusted to obtain a more complete modeling effect. *Effect Light Design: The multi-functional hall stage fresnel lights are usually used for the evening performances. They are mainly arranged on the overhead light poles above the stage. DMX signals are used to connect to the computer console. The projection angle, brightness, pattern change, beam size, color and other functions of the lights can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can fully meet the changing requirements of digital computer lights in various performances. The replaceable gobo can be used to project a variety of colorful graphics and even slides. Now it is usually used for stage pattern changes and changeable beam swings. For better performances, you can simulate the real scenes of nature, and configure digital machines, snow machines, large double-wheel bubble machines etc. on the stage.

If you happen to look for some suitable lights for the multi-functional hall, pls don’t feel hesitate to contact us, we are always open for you. One World, One Studio!

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