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The One Studio--Top selling model(150W/200W/300W Led Profile Light)

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As we all know, The One Studio is main in manufacturer LED Stuio Light, such as Led Profile Light, Led Fresnel Spot Light, Led Blinder Light, Led Video Panel Light, COB Led Par Light and so on. Here I would like to introduce our the most top selling products in 2017--Led Profile Light.

The case is designed by our factory ourselves(with our own mould), so beautiful and fashion . Private module with no smell PVC, it's fireproof, small size and weight light, easy for install. Meanwhile, the led chip is Nichia from Citizen of Japan, with high CRI and bright effect . The power supply is from 100~240V with PFC protect, can protect the power well, for the theatre use, we choose a better fan of Copper tube which is without any noise, it's very quiet and hardly to hear any voice.

For this Led Profile Light, it not only can make single warm white or cool white, but also can make it warm white and cool white 2in1, RGB (3in1), RGBW(4in1). Sure, based on these color, you can mixing lots of color which you want. Why choose our led profile light? Becaue of its good gobo effect, the gobo and cutting are very Clear & Sharp & no Burrs. Except the gobo holder, also can put Iris and gel frame in it. 

For our led profile light, we have 4 kinds of lense for choose: 19/26/36/50 degree. And it's adapt for the ETC (4 lense), you can use the lense or whole in front part of ETC for replace our light. Sure, most customres will want to know the lumen with different degree when it is testing on different distance. Don’t worry, we have tested them before and get ready for you. Show you on the right side:

Why I said led profile is our most top selling product? You can see the testing line, whenever we test it, it is full on the testing line. As we know, only customers are satisfied with our product, can they order large quantity. Customers trust and support our led profile, so they order many each time. 

What other color case we can make it except black color? . Yeah, White color, this is my amswer for you. OK, you may also want to ask me which occasion can use white color case led profile light. Don’t worry, the white case also be widely use in different occasion, such as Church , Wedding, some party and so on. 


After testing, what we will do? Without a doubt, it will be package and ready to send out. About the package, we can pack by carton or flight case, just choose the one you need. May be some customers will worry about the safety of package by carton. Don’t worry, carton package there is no problem, you can see that we put some pearl cotton in it to fixed the light.Pearl cotton can protect the lights well. By now, there is no problem during the transport that package by carton. And if you worry about it, you can choose flight case for it.


Finally, The One Studio will continute to develop new led studio light for our customers. Next time, we will introduce another new led profile light, which develop out just now and begin to improve it to the market on the following time. Please stay tuned.

If any new product of The One Studio, we will post it on Facebook. And if you have any problem of led studio lights, you can contact us on Facebook directly, we can discuss it and the problem together. The One Studio will waiting you on Facebook. See you!

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