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The One Popular Product Series: LED Profile Spot Light

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LED Profile Spot Light is one of the common lighting fixtures widely used in stages, performances, film and television shooting, and photography. The unique design and functionality enable it to produce light and shadow effects of different shapes and colors, adding artistic and visual impact to stage performances and film and television production. LED Profile Light is our flagship product in The One Studio, with a monthly output of 1000 units. Each Led Ellipsoidal Light adopt our mold and optics independently developed and designed by The One Studio. So far we has applied for over 160 patent protection, including appearance patents and utility model patents.Our led profile stage light all use imported light sources, Nichia chips, high light efficiency, and high display index(CRI). The lighting fixture adopts a silent fan, copper pipes for heat dissipation, and an excellent optical system. The cutting is sharp, the light spot is uniform, and there is no stray light or blue edge at the boundary. In order to meet market demand, we have developed several fan-less led profile spot in recent years.


As the flagship product of The One Studio, we produce different specifications led profile light for customer choices, ranging from 20W to 80W mini leko lights, as well as high-power 300W, 350W, and 600W led studio profile lights. In the past two years, we have also launched multiple led profile lights that can be waterproof and used outdoors, especially the one with electronic cutting and electronic zoom: This led ip65 rated ellipsoidal comes with IP65 waterproof housing, warm white or cool white with high CRI make it an ideal LED replacement for aging incandescent light. This model offers everything should come to expect, including auto zoom from 15°-30° and auto focus, smooth shutter cuts by DMX, electronic strobe , 16bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type. This waterproof led profile light took 3 years from early development to market promotion. Also with a large amount of manpower and material resources were invested. Now, it has been steadily produced with high quality and quantity. Our aim is to ensure quality, take responsibility for our products, and reassure our customers always.

In addition, we also have two different waterproof led profile light in the same series, they are fixed focus, 19°/26°/36°/50°(optional) and manual zoom, 12°to 30° or 25°to 50°, to meet the lighting project needs of customers at all levels. Led profile spotlight are generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects and characters, as well as long-distance surface lighting. They are often used in large theaters, large television stations, press conferences, stages, and other occasions.If you are looking for these stage lights now, pls don’t be hesitate to contact our sales team. One World, One Studio!

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