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TV Studio Room Lighting Scheme and Lighting Selection

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The commonly used lighting arrangement method of TV news studio is 12 o'clock scheme design, with various light sources shining in the middle of the recording and broadcasting area, including surface light, side light, top light, back light and background light, then how to choose the lighting for these five light sources? Next, we will give you a detailed explanation.


Light from the back of the camera straight line projected on the subject, then this beam of light is called surface light and side light. Due to the direction of the surface light and side light to the shooting object, in order to avoid the host's face is not clear, and glare phenomenon, the soft light, uniform luminous led studio light will be a better choice, its light output is more soft. Recommended products: Model TH-325 300w bi-color led soft panel light. This 300W LED high power soft panel light, it is using 2112pcs 0.28W SMD leds, you can have it both warm white and cool white, adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%. With full DMX control with RDM compatibility. Standard, incandescent,quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz. Fan-less(no any noise) operation for use in studio and theatre applications. 


The light irradiates from the vertical direction of the camera, irradiates the head of the shooting object, and increases the three-dimensional sense of the upper and lower space of the person. If there is no reasonable choice of studio top light, the host will have less hair or more facial shadow. In the lighting design of TV news studio, it is suggested to choose the led soft panel light with uniform illumination and large luminous area. While this 300w led soft panel light is big angle of 180°, with DMX512/RDM control protocol, can easily adjusted the brightness. In this way, the brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the facial characteristics of the characters to achieve better results. The design direction of background light and surface light is one to one, which mainly lights up the studio background, and the light should not be too bright or too dark, too bright causes the background to be prominent; If it's too dark, it can't highlight the real background, so the background light should also choose the led soft panel light with large luminous angle and adjustable brightness, with adjustable brightness and stronger ope-arability.


The last will be studio back light: the light directly shine to the camera direction, in the back of the subject, this beam of light is back light. Its lighting mainly highlights the studio's depth and three-dimensional sense of characters. Back light is an indispensable part of the studio in the lighting design of TV news studio. Generally, the led spotlight with high illumination and strong illumination is the soul of the studio. Recommended product: 200w ip65 rated led folding fresnel spotlight. This IP rated LED fixture from THE ONE STUDIO-a led fresnel light comes with Compact and durable housing ,its thin design and shape allow it to pack into small cases and be taken anywhere.。Waterproof IP65 rating ensures the fresnel will be comfortable in falling rain or snow, and blowing dirt and dust.Available in both 3200K and 5600K color temperature versions, it produce a beautiful adjustable beam spread from 20 to 55 degree,with ultra-quiet fan operation so that it can run in a studio setting without disrupting. Mean well AC adapter can support the fresnel long time to work. All details about this topic have been shared today, if you want to know more about our products or led studio lighting, welcome to contact us anytime!


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