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THE ONE Newest LED Follow Spot Light Series

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The follow spot light is a high power spot lamp, which is composed of a convex lens and a light source. It is mainly used to highlight actors or other special effects, or to fill the light for actors when the stage is dark. The follow spot light can change different colors, and the follow spot light can make different patterns. It is characterized by being manipulated and following the actors. Spotlights are widely used, such as stage plays, wedding ceremonies, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies and other occasions, all these are common lighting effect appliances. For example, in a stage show, it is common for almost every dance drama to use follow spot lights to reflect and achieve certain artistic effects. The spotlight can highlight the main characters, shape different types of characters, show the changes of dramatic plots and characters' feelings, and create a stage atmosphere. Therefore, choreographers and lighting designers of dance dramas (including general dances) regard the use of spotlight as one of the indispensable and important means in their creation. In the design of dance drama, the following purposes are achieved by using follow spot light: Creation of environmental atmosphere; Lighting people and shaping images; Focus on performance and highlight key points; Show the plot and its development.


As a one-stop led stage lighting manufacture and supplier, The One Studio provide full devices for all customers. In this year, we update our catalogue and increase some new model of led follow spot lights. Regarding the wattage, we have 330w, 440w and 600w follow spot light, customer can make their choices depends on the site and projection distance request. Also we have DMX control version and single-machine mode for options. Currently our hot-sale model is 440w led follow spot light: This one is a portable, LED follow spot that emits a tight beam powered by a bright 440W LED to highlight actors at far distances. Built-in CTO filter lowers color temperature to match tungsten lamps. Manual control modes and you can simplify fading with smooth LED dimming. Focus the light where it is needed using the mechanical iris to reduce the beam’s diameter and deliver silent operation with fast strobe and no moving parts. Set up and tear down in seconds with the included tripod. Above are for single-machine mode, this product also support DMX remote control: Upgrade to double focus,adjust clear site aperture; Maglev intelligent controllable speed fan,better heat dissipation and more quiet; support 5 gobos and 5 color temperature switch to meet the color temperature requirements of different site patterns; Support one-click strobe,meet the use of special stage scenes, 16 bit linear brightness adjustment, near and far venues without jitter. Adjustable light stand,more convenient to adjust the height. If  you have any led follow spotlight purchase plan recently, welcome to contact our sales team any time. The One Studio will be your perfect choice.

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