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Show you the mini from THE ONE STUDIO

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Nowadays many factories are producing big power products, that means the housing also to be big. Our THE ONE STUDIO , we are not only focus on the high power big size products , but also launch some small size(also called mini) products , although they are in very small size , but they also with big effect . THE ONE STUDIO mini products come with small package ,you can just put it on your hand, but can give everything you expect, they are easy to use , easy to carry , with excellent optics, a bright, even field. Very suitable to use in museums, retail outlets, restaurants, light labs, children's theaters, and other small scale installations where size matters.

Today , let me show you the three mini products from THE ONE STUDIO.

60W mini led fresnel light

Firstly, it is our 60W mini led fresnel light, size of our this mini fresnel is only 24.75*19.6*13.55cm, Use imported Led Lamp with high brightness. High Color Rendering Index 97.Color temperature can 3200K or 5600K optional.It can be Controled by DMX, Auto run or Master. 

Manual zooming scale from 35-50 degree by knob, Dimmer is 0-255 optional. And strobe can be chosen from 1-20times per second. It can be run by Standard channel model or basic channel model.


Secondly, 60W mini led profile spotlight, size of this mini leko is only 34.4*19.61*CM,It is zoom from 20-35 degree, can be zoom by hand. It has 4 pieces of shutter leaf, can make the perfect blackout with different shape, such as semicircular, square, triangle and so on. And we use high quality optics for crisp, clearly image, no burr and arrays uniformity, and natural light for 3200K and 5600K . The strobe is 1-25times/second. We use digital display, easy to control. What’s more, it also can show different gobo or logo, clients can use their own logo.


Thirdly, 20W mini led leko light, it is only 26.97*12.2*12.2CM, we have two version on this ellipsoidal light , you can choose it with dmx control or remote control, and also it can be come with track for hanging ,You can use the lens between 19/ 26/ 36 /50 degree, With 4 pieces of shutter leaf produce different shape. And it also will project the amazing custom-made gobo effect.

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