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Review the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2024

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微信图片_20240410163236_副本Prolight+Sound is the world's largest and most successful stage lighting and sound technology exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Cooperating with two major exhibition groups, Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany and Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, Germany become. Among them, Musikmesse Frankfurt Musical Instrument Exhibition has been held since 1980, and Stage Lighting and Sound Technology Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Prolight+Sound has been held since 1995. ProLight is the first port of call for visitors interested in professional lighting technology. In addition to lighting technology, projectors, spotlights and lighting-control systems, the hall is the setting for spectacular laser and stage effects in action. The complementary programme of events at Prolight + Sound offers insights into trending subjects, such as intelligent light controls, digital transmission protocols, pixel and voxel mapping and energy-efficient lighting.

This exhibition was very successful, and there were many large European exhibitors and construction companies in it. Most of the customers are interested in 主页

our 80W IP65 mini leko light with zoom, IP65 led profile light with auto zoom/cutting and 300W Bi-color LED fresnel spotlight with zoom. Meanwhile, Some new customers have placed orders and bought the samples on site during the exhibition. Here are some very popular products in this exhibition:


80W IP65 Mini Zoom Leko Light

This our newest 80w IP65Mini Leko Light with Zoom, The most proud design is the way of zoom, we adopt the concept of camera zoom design, and applied it to the stage lighting , our this new leko zoom spotlight, zoom from 15~30°and 25-50  °optional

with crystal clear and even light projection, DMX control and support for RDM

selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type, flicker free operation for Broadcast TV and Film. Fan-less no noise cooling system, this mini leko can go anywhere perfect for ancient museums, exhibitions, gallery, hotels, stores and small to medium theatres.


300W IP65 LED Profile Light(with Auto Zoom/Auto Cutting)

This ellipsoidal is an innovative IP65 waterproof profile lighting for indoor & outdoor, our sample on this exhibition is 300w COB led with 5600K color temperature , and we also have full color version with 300W RGBAL adjustable color temperature from 2700-12000K.

The most amazing design is the auto zoom and auto cutting in this fixture, with 15°-30° Electronic zoom system and cutting system can be controlled smooth and accurate,the four -piece full -electric cutting system can be freely cut out of many different kinds of shape.

It’s design for the cultural tourism market, theme park, outdoor live-action performance, Rental performance market.

TH-352 02

300W Bi-color LED Fresnel Spotlight with Zoom

This LED fresnel light make professional quality with 600W Bi-color, designed as a true alternative for traditional tungsten lights,combining high quality optics, give you a powerful output light.Highly CRI colour rendering scores up to 95.Color temperature adjustment from 3000 to 6000K flicker free, dimming from brightness adjustment from 1-100 percentcan be focused between 15° and 50° by manual, or DMX control optional, with further control provided by the included barn doors,producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow.

The extremely quiet active cooling system keeps it working through any shoot.

It is really perfect for TV studio, broadcast news, live theatre,conference etc.

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